I Bled To Live

Posted by Swathi Satish
April 23, 2017

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I see the hatred in your eyes

as you plunge in to take my life

to the souls who were victims of the fouls.

what have I done to you?


I can’t fathom in the pain that shoots.

I seek answers in my last flickers

to the questions you can’t even listen

I had dreams to fly, into the bright sky

Am I to bleed to fade into dark night?

You killed a lifetime of love and sacrifice

built on tender sorrows and smiles

Is this what you wanted from me?

Is this how our lives were to cease?

I hoped for a glimpse of care

in the moments of end I prayed

as tears blurred my views of world

and the pain seemed to pierce the numb

My fault of not knowing you

as you tar-and-feathered my limp soul

I can only see the rage in your eyes

as I bleed to give away this life.

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