I Did Not Die Of Cancer They All Killed Me………. Says 16 Year Old Nilofar Asking For Justice

Posted by Nishika R. Saxena
April 24, 2017

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Nilofar was a 16 year old young girl suffering from last stage of intestinal cancer.

The only complaint she had was excessive bleeding from anus. This got ignored for many months thinking this must be a normal bleeding haemorrhoids, she was advised change of diet in order to control bleeding. Bleeding became excessive in few months until her Hb level reached 2

She was immediately rushed to near government hospital, they checked her CBC and immediately gave two bottles blood transfusion. After two bottles of transfusion her Hb level came 4.8 which was still critical. But administrations discharged nilofar to die telling her parents that since you can-not afford our expenditures and we have limited stock of blood bottles which we have to distribute amongst 1000 anaemic patients. They did not even allow nilofar parents to get blood bottles from external blood banks, saying that Hummare yaha hum patient ko sirf apne hee bank ki blood bottle chadate hain” and this way they forcefully discharged her leaving her to die.

She was then taken to nearest famous private hospital by me where in doctors immediately suggested colonoscopy and nilofar was diagnosed by intestinal cancer, which was till now treated as haemorrhoids and anaemia by doctors.

Since it was very late by till then, her Hb levels were already 4.8 and she belonged to a poor family who could not afford cancer expenses. So before we could raise funds for her she expired in my laps.

Are These Doctors Really That Deserving To Be Greeted As Gods ?

Only if she would have been given proper treatment on time by doctors, who initially diagnosed her with haemorrhoids and then later by anaemia, nilofar would have been alive today.

She did not die of cancer she died because of wrong treatment diagnosis.

Health-Care” these days has become a business. There was a time when people considered doctors to be representative of God on earth who saves peoples life. But as time has passed this concept is no more seen anywhere. Even doctors have to face the challenges like increased prizes, competition hence some-where in this competition people did not even leave “Health Sector” and made it a “business”

Today when you take your relative to hospital in critical condition first thing they ask is for deposit. Patients treatment is not being started until their family relative does not deposit handful amount in hospital account… Doctors, nurses, administrative staffs are clearly informed not to entertain any patient without money. “Money First”

What will a poor patient do In such conditions. “Hummare yaha aaise din bhar mein hazaron mareez aate hain…hum kaha tak sabka tekha lenge….pehle paisa lao baad mein ilaaj karenge” are the words used by sisters in government and private hospitals.

Practising in this industry for more than 6 years now, one thing I noticed was everything was related to money. Right from the patient’s admission, his treatment, his medications, his and his family member’s food expenses in hospital stay, until discharge. Everything was money

99.99% Gynaecologists recommend caesarean surgery to deliver baby. Why ? its not because they care for women…Its because normal delivery charges are 20000 where as a caesarean surgery costs more than 50000. Despite knowing the fact that caesarean surgery causes many complications to mother if she becomes pregnant for second time, still they fear parents telling them not to take any chance and convince them for surgery. “baad ka kaun dekhta hai…patient abhi aaya hai…abhi tou paise nikalwa lou”.

100% of hospitals prefer pathological tests and medications taken and done only from their hospital itself. They do not accept same report done from another diagnostic. Why ? because there is certain amount of sharing between pathology, pharmacy and hospital.

We are the one who are entertaining such wrong practises. Hospitals, doctors , are made for helping society . But to be specific we do not see this anywhere neither in private hospital nor in government hospitals.

A patient admitted in hospital with heart attack needs only cardiologist treatment. Then why is neurology charges included in his discharge bill. ? If you see your discharge bills carefully you will notice that hospital has even charged you for an bisleri bottle.

Some doctors in small cities of Rajasthan and Jharkhand, uttarkhand admit poor patients in their charitable hospital where treatment is done free, in name of stone surgery remove their kidneys and sell it illegally. In case person dies in this procedure they even remove eyes and sell it. Poor illiterate person continues believing that he is being treated for stone, he does not know what is difference between the medications of kidney stone and kidney removal, hence no complaints are being raised against them. Process continues.

Insurance companies, TPA, hospitals are all connected with each other for Business In Name of Health and only common man is the sufferer

People make fake reports to get huge insurance policies, the diagnostics give them clean reports and charges money in return is this not business ?

Who is benefited by this business ? Common man ? Insurance taken on basis of fake reports are caught at claims level. Such fake claims are not reimbursed.

Who is suffering ultimately ? Hospitals ? Diagnostic centres ? Doctors ? NO

Only crores of people like nilofar in India are suffering

Lets not be one of them….

  • Before taking any treatment cross check with minimum two doctors,
  • before paying hospital bills check them carefully.
  • Pay only for what you have been treated
  • Ask doctor twice what are they treating you and prescribing you for.
  • For all surgical procedures ask doctors to provide you with video recording of operation theatre.

“A Vigilant India is A Healthy India”

I am not doubting on doctors treatment or prescription, but for your loved ones asking you all to just remain extra cautious. “Kyunki Jab Baat Apnon Ki Aati Hai Hum Koi Chance Nai Lena Chahte”


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