In conversation with an uber driver :)

April 1, 2017

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“It doesn’t matter whether you study a lot or not but become a good human being”, this is what I have told my kids madam, said Himmat bhaiya.

What made you say so bhaiya ? I asked ?

Madam, there are many youth and educated people take a ride in my car. At times, they treat us like, we are nothing. They call us by our names, no respect attached and just very rude. Their behaviour makes me think, we are doing our job and they are doing theirs , then how come they are superior than us ?

Madam, when I was 8 years old, my father got sick. I am working and supporting my family ever since then. I have struggled a lot in my life.

He shared his life story with me and started crying …..What happened ? Why are you crying bhaiya ?

It’s just madam, when I think of old days, it makes me cry. How tough were those days and how life has been so unfair. And, madam, I am not a professional driver, this is not what I wanted to do in my life. I had my own dreams to follow and my own journey to walk to, but this is what came to me. Today, I respect & love my job. I don’t get why people don’t understand this simple thing. Why don’t they respect and talk to us politely with respect ?

One may be a master in their profession, but cannot drive full time like an uber driver does, or cannot mend a shoes like a mochi does. This also applies the other way around. We cannot do an operation like a doctor does , or cannot run a company like a CEO does. We all have our own skill set that we are master in. One cannot be a master in everything, that is next to impossible. In making of this society, everyone has their own role to play. And the truth is we need us all. Then why judge ? Then why ???

Neither mine nor your life has been easy so far. We both had our struggles and achievements. Then why your job is way much more respected then mine ??? Why you are educated and I am not ? Why you deserve respect and awards and I am not ?

This is why madam, I tell my kids to be a good human being. Learn to respect everyone and appreciate life as it comes to you.

Madam, “a good human being can be educated but it is not necessary that an educated person is a good human being “.

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