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Posted by Nida Sumra
April 3, 2017

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The country is far more valuable than any government that rules it. The country is made by supreme sacrifices of great people whose stories keep resonating through ages. The government is formed by the politicians. My criticism for the government does not mean I am an anti-national or a lesser Patriot or vice- versa. A country never represents a government but a government represents a country. So my fellow countrymen see what kind of India are we representing.
Brand recognised internationally..Am I not a Patriot because Ohh! I don’t support the ruling government..Ohh Am I an anti national because I don’t support Modi…Is the current definition of Patriotism supporting Modi ? Please update the definition as per Indian standards then.. Thank god if I was a fan of Wasim Akram or going gaga over Afridi’s looks, in today’s times I would have been asked to go to Pakistan or labelled a Porkistani…Eating meat makes me a lesser Indian..and yes I am a Muslim so as per the ruling party inherently, genetically I am wired to not be in congruence with the development of India. Having a voice, an opinion against the government is also anti national , I will not even talk about democracy here and my rights. Desh badal raha hai so what if desh badalna is banning a number of stuff , demonetization some weird sqauds, changing names of stations, roads, bas kaala chasma pehnaao logo ko, kaho unko jachta hai, selfie lo and everyone will be wow! India is developing. So please on Independence and Republic day too, appreciate your country’s development not since independence, rather than, only during the tenure of the current government Wake up Indians.. remove the rosy glasses..!
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_Nida Sumra

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