India….soon To Become A Nation With Highest Depression Rates #letstalk

Posted by Nishika R. Saxena
April 7, 2017

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According to WHO depression rates in India 2016-17, was 36%.

Scientists have predicted that soon in one decade this depression rates may reach to 76% from 36%

Clinical research in India shows that one individual out of five is suffering from some or the other kind of mental sickness in India.

Mental sickness is a kind of disease which can’t be seen from outside, neither does it has any physical symptoms like fever, cough and cold, which can be treated by medicines. So mostly it either gets ignored or remains undiagnosed for a long time which leads to major psychiatric disorders with no treatment in this world.

Depression – such a simple word, but has most complicated meaning. It starts with a sad feeling arising due to an urge or desire which may have been left incomplete, but when this sad feeling does not get healed for a long time, it first becomes minor depression, leading to major depression, further chronic depression and then finally ends up with suicidal tendencies.

Many chronic mental health disorders like “Schizophrenia”, “Post Traumatic Stress Disorders PTSD” also occur due to depression with no treatment in the world.

Love” and “Care” is the only way to heal such sad feeling of depression. Family members, society and friends play prime important role in healing such mental ailment. But how many of us actually understand this ?

India is the only country which has separate schools for mentally sick students. Why ?

Whereas researches say that if such students remain surrounded with normal atmosphere may recover fast and may also live a normal life like others.

People use word “pagal- mad” which is so very disrespectful.

These days reason behind depression is also so very immature like :

Less marks scored in exams – depression

  • Failed in school exams – depression
  • Could not clear competitive exams – depression
  • Not getting desired job – depression
  • Not getting promotion in job – depression
  • Breakup in relationships – depression
  • Unable to marry girl/ boy of own choice – depression
  • Sexual needs unsatisfied – depression
  • Retired life – depression and many such more which all can’t be listed.

Many people come out of all this in some time, some find surrogate alternatives like falling in second relationship, keeping secret extra marital affairs, indulge paid sex, become alcoholic, start smoking for temporary relief or some become happy go lucky person. Happy in whatever they have.

But problem comes when such individual is unable to fight with such mental sickness for long time nor does he get any alternative to his sickness, such individuals develop suicidal tendencies in them.

Farmers – 40 % of total farmers in India commit suicide because of depression


Case Study and Society Roles In Mental Health:

When I was a counsellor in Lucknow Mental Hospital, I came across a very unique experiences

One of my patient was suffering from MR since birth 60% brain damage. He could not walk properly or talk properly. Since he belonged to an educated family they choose to bring him up like other normal kids and hence preferred to send him to a normal school.

That child use to play with all other kids normally, was leading a normal life and showing great progress in his mental conditions. Soon he also started speaking like normal child

His PT teacher always use to force him and insists to do PT exercises normally like all others do. Since child was studying in normal school she did not notice that he is an especially abled child

School principal had also not conveyed the same to all teachers to treat this child with a little extra care.

After forcing and insisting for many months to do PT exercises normally, one day in anger she took a steel rod in her hand and started beating that boy on his bare legs until it started bleeding.

That child could never ever walk again in this life.

That child also got so feared from society, school and teachers that he did not go out of house ever again.

Conclusion :

Was this the right way of teacher to teach PT exercise. Teacher are second parents of child who are responsible to bring the best out in child. That school principal was playing role of ignorant society member who did not complete his responsibility to tell all teachers about child in advance.

That child was progressing well in good surroundings. With proper love and care he would have been soon living normal life.  But because of that careless attitude of society members his entire life got spoilt.

There are many such instances in our day to day life where we see, a person is sad but becomes fine when surrounded with loved ones. Spending good happy times heals every scars of life.

New Delhi & Mumbai has highest percentage of depression rates and has become the  HUB of mental sickness

New Delhi: As per WHO Over five crore Indians suffered from depression, a major contributor to global suicides which occurred mainly in India 2015

Mumbai: 78% of global suicides occurred in 2015

One of the major reason was : depression after molestation. (PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Rape victims if supported can also come out of it and live normal life. They also have rights to live like all others in this world. With help of society and loved one every individual suffering from major or minor depression can win it and come out of it. Key role is being played by society in such situation.

Today, on account of World’s Health Day lets we all together decide not to ignore our mental health. Respect and support sufferers of mental sickness, help them, support them and motivate them to come out of it and live a normal life.

We as a society can only together help to decrease these suicide percentage and depression percentage in India.

  • A blog by Nishika R. Saxena.

(Clinical Medicine In Psychology and Expediter In Schizophrenia)


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