indian super market.. सुधार अभी बहुत बाकी है.

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April 12, 2017

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In today’s market, the big supermarket has provided a lot of convenience for the consumer on one platform but it is similar to opening a grocery store in a deserted area. The only difference is that there is a crowd but there is no buyer, Percent people spend their time, other 40 percent do not buy more than 1000 rupees. The remaining 30 percent of people come to buy some essential goods in the real sense.
For some time in such an environment, there was an opportunity to see these things, big discounts on expensive brands, and also sale of cottage goods. In the same sense, I do think that there is going to be a small problem in the market, It will take time for our Indian super market to come to Wal-Mart now. Because we have not only been following western culture but also use have done it as fast as possible.
There are some things that even after being Indian, they prefer to sell foreign labels. The government has not stopped using Polythene yet. In the shame of taking bag in hand, 0.40 paisa Polythene with manufacturing is given up to Rs 3-5. The lack of salesman forgets the very troubled customer, what actually they had come to pick and what went unnoticed. .
A little attention should be given on this side as well, because we are adopting Western trends in a straightforward and intuitive manner, but we are going away from the original ideas.


with my pen- vijayraj patidar



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