Posted by Mukti Nagar
April 3, 2017

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I want to talk about “Inequality in india”. Yaa i specifically chose india because m an indian girl…And I can see what is happening here each and everyday..

The main thing i would like to talk is about inequality.why?

In India, every individual is identified by his/her gender, caste, culture, and so on…My question is why so?

1)Inequality among boys and girls everywhere like

-boys can wear whatever they wants but girls can’t.

-boys can do whatever stuff they want but girls can’t.

2)Inequality among gender

In some places your work and your abilities are not that much important…but the important thing is you are men or women. Why so?


According to caste, you belong to this “bla-bla-bla” caste then you are not capable…

4) Sexuality

If you are straight then no issue…but if you are homosexual(gay or lesbian) then you are considered as criminal in india…

We always say that india is my country, i love my country, “mera bharat mahan”….

Then why we never took an initial step to improve our country..Make india a better place to live…

I just want equality everywhere…

Every individual has a right to live his/her life according to his/her choice…If you can’t do good to someone then don’t do bad…same way if you can’t think good or say good to issue…then just keep your mouth shut…

Gossiping is not worth anymore…Don’t think that india is perfect place…Intead think about how to make india much more better place…#YKA

Thank You

Mukti Nagar

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