Inter-cast Marriage

Posted by junaid ansari
April 4, 2017

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In 2017, this is the one in which we are living now. And we have come to know about 70 years of independence. In these 70 years, India has created a different image in the world, and made itself “incredible India”, which should make us proud. Every culture has its own identity. Whenever someone asks us, we say that we are Hindustani. There is a lot of issues in between these things that make India hollow. The issue I am talking about is that the boy-girl can not marry in different castes. In this century, where we have gone so far, many people still get stuck on that insignificance. According to the 2014 survey, it has been found that 5% of the cases have been inter-caste. Arrange marriage is not wrong but love marriage is also not wrong. The Supreme Court also now allows the boy to inter-caste marriage. Where there is the advantage of arrangage marriage, there is also the benefit of the same inter caste marriage for society. It eliminates caste discrimination, unity, relationships are unbreakable, love grows. We have to be aware to bring this change. Otherwise, we will stay on the point that “Log kya kahege”.

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