Is Technology Killing Human Touch? Resulting In Depression!

Posted by Chetna Soni
April 11, 2017

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A lot of stuff has been said and written about Depression since the death of Arjun Bhardwaj. A 24 year old student who committed suicide on 3rd April jumping from 19th floor Taj Lands End Hotel in Bandra. What is more daunting is that, he went live on facebook minutes before committing suicide. In the video, he explained ‘how to commit suicide’ and posted it on Facebook. He then broke the window of his hotel room and jumped. Report says he was depressed.

Almost everyday youngsters commit suicide. What’s exception in this case? It’s the fact that Arjun smoked, drank and gave a suicide tutorial online- actions that amazed people far more than the suicide itself. It’s the fact that ‘WE’ the generation of 21st century have become so advanced that we can live chat with a person from miles away but we’ve failed to reach out to a person who is just beside us.

In Facebook, Instagram world where everything is just so outward; where the happiness of a youngster is directly related to the number of likes on their Facebook dp.. we’re good at putting filters, we’re good at clicking pictures of our food and posting it on social media, we’re good at showing people that life is Amazing- even though You’re Depressed! Depression!! A state of low mood which makes a person feel sad, hopeless, helpless and worthless. Everyone fails or feels horrible at some point in their life.

Arjun Bhardwaj, I don’t know what made you take such a drastic step. Was it because you failed in your exam? or because you had been depressed? Whatever the reason might be.. all I know is, ‘Suicide’ was Not an option!!

Images from his video tutorial.
Images from his video tutorial.
  • Didn’t you for a moment thought of all the countless success stories where people rose high in their lives despite all the failures and hardships?!
  • Didn’t you thought about the influence your video might have on young minds while live streaming it?!
  • Didn’t you for a minute thought about your parents?!
  • If only you had communicated with your parents or friends, they would have told you how much you mattered for them.
  •  If only you would have understood life better, you would have know that nothing remains the same. A year from now your life would have taken a completely different turn.
  • If only….
Lately I’ve watched a video on MTV on Millennial where they have interpreted our generation so precisely. This is what was said..

Engagement with social media and our cell phones releases a chemical called Dopamine. That’s why when you get a text you feel good. It’s why we count on likes because we know when you get it, you get a hit of dopamine which feels good. Dopamine is the EXACT same chemical that makes you feel good when we smoke, when we drink. In other words it’s highly, highly addictive. When significant stress starts to show up in our lives, we’re not turning to a person, we’re turning to a device. 

 This is exactly where we’re going wrong. When you feel lonely, rather than sharing you feelings with people you are close to, you switch to your cell phones scrolling through all the unnecessary sites.. making yourself feel more isolated.

Can a depressed person feel low to the extent that he or she is ready to give up on life? May be. May be not! But yes, all a depressed person need, is to talk to someone, to let his distorting thoughts come out of his mind and someone to say him/her.. ‘I’m there with you my friend, you’re not alone!’

Some things which I would like to remind people of this generation and to the one who thinks that they’re ‘Depressed.’

  • Don’t be hard on yourself. We all fail in life.
  • Keeping those disturbing thoughts within yourself can kill you from inside. Don’t suffer in silence. Know that there’s always going to be someone to help you out.
  • Technology have certainly made our life easier. Everything we want we can have instantly. Except Strength of Relationship and that bond, that personal communication. There is no app for that. There can never be.
  • Death is any easy way for people. Fighting is the solution.
  • Spend more time with your family or friends. Build a support system so strong, that you will never feel lonely.
  • Remember that no issue, however serious it might be.. has a dead end. Every cloud has a silver lining.
  • Every life is precious. Ask the who has lost their loved ones.
  • Don’t be another Arjun Bhardwaj.


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