Its Okay Not To Be Okay

Posted by Charmi Upadhyay
April 4, 2017

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Depression-The most threatened and the most for granted illnesses.

Let alone facts, each one of us are aware of someone suffering from depression. Awareness alone does not help. We need to TALK about it and STAND UP for it. For the last six months, I have been suffering from depression and have had a hell of a phase through it. There were days when I used to lock myself up and cry for no reason. Luckily, through proper treatment and guidance, I am now much better.

The problem is no one wants to talk about it.None.Mental illnesse is not madness. It is a problem which needs to be understood.It is a void which needs to be filled.No one wants to understand it but everyone has a pre occupied notion about it.Some laugh on hearing about depression. For the very last time “Depressed people are not mad people” they just need a hand to reach out to.Questios like “What is the problem when everything is perfect?” hurt more. Sometimes you don’t need people to solve your problems you just need them to support you. Sometimes,having no reason for being sad is depression my friend. Isn’t it more dreadful to feel alone in a room full of people? Isn’t it horrifying not to have anyone to talk to when you want to? Isn’t it sad to feel sad for no reason? Isn’t it shameful to hide your feelings in the fear of being judged?

The only solution for this is to stand up.No matter what , it is not going to last forever. Trust me,you will be fine.You just have to SPEAK up and SEEK help.

Remember, all desires are not fullfilled and it is absolutely fine.Nothing lasts forever. You have to come out of the web and embrace life.So if you feel depressed or see someone going through depression. Please stand up.Please seek help.Please talk.At times a smile can do wonders. Always remember my friend,                              No one is happy 24×7.                                 No one is fully content.                              No one always gets what he wants.          Everyone looses dear ones.                        Life is tough but not impossible and yes, it is worth living not merely surviving.                                                       Stay happy.Spread smiles.

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