It’s Shameful To Be An Indian When Others Called Us Racist

Posted by Stephen Soulunii
April 4, 2017

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“How can Gandhi’s country of non-violence treat us like this? Isn’t India the country in whose independence non-violence played a crucial role?” When African students, or anyone from any community, asked this on Indian community, where do we turn or hide our face? Is this not a shameful thing? I don’t know whether you are or not, but for me, and as a proud Indian, it is one of the most shameful things.

Africans in the city are often tagged as “drug peddlers”, “habshis”, and even “cannibals” by the Indian community. And to northeasterners as “Chinkies”, “Nepalese”, “Sluts”, “Cultureless”, etc. Be it in their classrooms, on the roads or while commuting, they are subject to discrimination, everywhere. I just can’t understand why.

But I want to ask a few things from the Indian community. Tell us or show us that there isn’t any Indian living in other countries/communities that are into drugs business, or into any so-called illegal activities? That Indians living in other countries/communities don’t party or wear shorts? That Indians living in other countries/communities are not black or have no small eyes? That Indians living in other countries/communities don’t indulge in their own lifestyles or food habits? And what’s so wrong with people of Nepal that they called the northeasterners as Nepalese or Bahadur? Why? Why so racist? Why they bow their heads every time they saw a temple or mandir, which are all made of stones, marbles, iron only, and why can’t they embrace their fellow brothers and sisters from so-called other communities, who are also as much human beings as they are?

When Indians condemn and cry foul for discrimination and attack being meted out on their fellow brothers and sisters in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere, they are doing it here is a shame.


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