Judgement Day

Posted by NitisH SharmA
April 26, 2017

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Yesterday was the judgement day for many students. Actually in march around 98,410 students appeared in +2exams in Himachal Pradesh. But I am not going to talk about the stats of the exam. In this blog I would like to throw some light on the different perspective of the Judgement Day. I am calling it judgement day because the students are being judged this day. And being categorized as intelligent average, below average and some failures. And being a student, knowing the hardships of the result day I won’t be talking about we should not put pressure and all because its something that is pretty obvious and maximum parents know this. So know the point is why am I writing this blog? What I want to tell or explain?! Actually to know the answer let’s just ask a simple question to each one of us! Why some parents say that the marks there kid have gained is sufficient and why some parents didn’t get satisfied even if there kids have scored quite high grades. Why a student always have the fear of not getting passed or I should say of getting failed! In this blog lets try to figure these things out. Firstly if doesn’t matter if you have failed that you are not smart or not intelligent. But those who does will say that only they know how it feels and how they are treated. Actually its not there fault it is the fault of our society were failing means the life ends but if you failed whatever the reasons were don’t worry its not over. I wont give those Bill Gates examples but if you failed still you can do lots of things in life. And secondly the parents should also support there kids in there results rather than calling them dumb but yeah if your parents are saying that you should have studied more the students should also listen that too. You know everything is important either its anger expectations success failures marks knowledge but in a proper manner and limit. Whenever the balance is disturbed the situation becomes harsh sometimes. So basically we can say that if someone is happy in 60% and some are sad even at 80% its that difference between there priorities and balance that brings difference in there emotions.But above all this you cannot categorise any student as intelligent or dumb by the basis of marks.For example one guy who studied the whole year in routine gets around 80% and the one studied just one day before exam gets 60% then hoe can you say that the IQ of the guy getting 60% is less. Obviously we can’t. Maybe the 80% may have more knowledge but maybe the 60% have more external knowledge so this argument will never end. So what should we do? We should simply stop comparing. Don’t compare any guy with other. Because everyone is different. So we should not be judgemental on this judgemental day. Because success don’t have criteria like only 75% above can have that. And good and bad accept your result and try to make things better. And always remember in the exam of life the result comes only once. And you had to accept that. So in this exam of life score everything marks memories moments face everything failure success but remember one thing LIFE MUST GO ON. And in the end if you found it boring sorry about that and many people may have different opinions but its a brief about the JUDGEMENT DAY by  (Intelligent,Average,Below Average) just a student.😊

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