Posted by Shubham Agarwala
April 6, 2017

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Of late, I have been hearing about youngsters committing suicide because of various reasons unsaid. These people who commit suicide are both brave and coward at the same time I feel. The reason I feel this is very simple committing suicide takes a lot of courage- making them brave, and at the same time they are coward because they cannot face the reality of life.

I know that most of them will argue saying that “you don’t know what I have been through”. I agree to it completely. I don’t know what you have been through, I have no clue about your hardships, but that doesn’t mean you will end your life. If you come along this much fighting your hardship you can still go further, don’t give up. I know it’s easy to say than to do but still, you can.

This is for those who are thinking to commit suicide: talk, talk to someone regarding your problem, anyone you can blindly trust – father/mother/brother/sister/friend/teacher anyone. But please do. Talking to someone will help you put your negatives out. This is the best way to keep your frustrations/depression away. In case you feel that if you speak about your problems to someone they will laugh at you or not take you seriously you can take a sheet of paper and a pen and pen down all your sorrows and problems and throw it, it might help.

I will not be writing about stories of all the big stars who have come from absolute zero and today are at the skies of success, but I will give you examples of people around you, who will show you how to fight back. The morning newspaper delivery boy/ the maid/ the cook/ the dhobi/ the watchman of your building/ the driver at your place/ the vegetable seller at your colony etc etc, learn from them. They do their duties with full faith in spite of all the problems- maybe, someone has a sick parent, someone needs to get their house renovated before rainy season, someone is planning to get a fan, someone needs extra money to pay the school fees of their child etc etc, the list is endless but still they work hard to achieve it. At the end of the day, when they go to bed, they have a smile of satisfaction of giving their best. They don’t get depressed about their hardships and end themselves. They are ready to fight back. You must also do the same.

What I feel today is that in the cutthroat rat race the importance of living is lost. And a big credit for this goes to people are always ready to discourage than to encourage, see that boy got a package of 15lakhs p.a., he got into IIT, etc etc, please people you need to stop doing this. Not everyone has the calibre as “that” boy/girl. You cannot judge a fish on its ability to fly. Stop comparing, please.

I would like you to keep these points in mind:
1. do not believe all you see on social media, social media is the virtual world full of illusions, keep yourself safe from it.
2. Extreme expectations bring frustrations, so keep your targets small, realistic and achievable.
3. Learn to blame yourself for your problems, not the system; this will give you a positive thought in you so that you can fight back.
Remember your life is not worth to be lost in these small problems.


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