#LetsTalk Depression: Yes it is Curable

Posted by Ajay Lilrain
April 6, 2017

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It’s a bit like walking down a long, dark corridor never knowing when the light will go on.

                                                                                                                  Neil Lennon

Khalil Zibran in his masterpiece The Prophet predicted long before that each upcoming generation is more capable from its predecessor. He urged people not to make their children like them but be like them. His prediction is biologically correct because all the recent evolutionary and biological studies have established that each generation has more knowledge and acquired information comparatively from their parents. It is obvious when capability increases, more expectation arises and when expectation becomes a ruthless passion; acceptance declines. In recent times, depression has become a common mental disorder in America; the country with all scientific advancements, improved life styles, wealth and all possible medical dominance. This current research raises many questions.

  1. Why America irrespective of all advancements failed to provide happy physical and mental conditions for its citizens?
  2. Is wealth worth for a happy and depression free life?
  3. How a country who explored hidden secrets of this abysmal universe failed to understand the mind and its problems?

In words of Jeffrey Eugenides, “Depression is like a bruise that never goes away; a bruise in your mind.” I am bit critical to this statement because if we understand mind, bruise can also be cured. In our country itself, rate of depression is also increasing with each passing day. The bruise of depression has attacked the most elite’ personalities of this nation like Bollywood Diva Deepika Padukone.

In recent days, I watched several videos on YouTube related to experience of foreigners visiting India and I was amazed to see a sort of uniqueness in their opinions. They said, “Across the globe, they had never seen such a smile, satisfaction and strange acceptance that Indian have on their faces.” Above statements may be doubtful and may need debate among elite’ but one thing is sure, there must be some sort of authenticity in above statement. A person who looks happy, not necessarily; he cannot be a victim of depression and simultaneously a person who is depressed, not necessarily; we find him crying all the time. Appearance is false most of the times. Appearance is like a science; mostly unknown than few known theories and thesis’. Smile is our appearance but satisfaction and acceptance is beyond the realm of just eye concept. We can sense satisfaction and acceptance in someone life but we cannot define them in hollow words.

In words of William James, we are living in a stream of consciousness; surrounded by feeling of anger, passion, love, hatred, lust, zeal, peace etc. Our mind is like Radio catching all frequencies and tuned with the stream more connected by our own thoughts. Buddhism has developed a concept not to control the mind but witness the mind with pure thoughts. But neither we witnessed our mind nor ever tried to purify our thoughts. Finally we become victim of a vast and mysterious unknown world. Such type of victimization is called as depression. Reason and types of depression may be different, but the thing which is unique in every depressed mind is ignorance towards acceptance. What is Acceptance?

I personally believe; this universe is random and it has rules and we should abide by those rules. If there is life, death is also an integral part; if success is always desirable, failure is also a possibility. Acceptance is just to welcome each passing moment. Suppose we are in a moving bus. Scenery will change for sure with each passing moment. We have a sense of acceptance that this is the part of the journey and we will reach at destination sooner or later. This is life also. When anyone ignores to accept failure, death or any other unwanted event of his life, he will take his first step towards depression. Universe is random but ignorance will make it static and believe me static will cause stagnation. Every scientific advancements, wealth and power is worthless if we fail to teach our generation acceptance.

Think about a ghost, ghost will appear; this is the power of the mind. We are over thinkers & lesser doers. Thinking is good but the content of thinking will make all the difference. Who will decide what to think, how to think and how much to think? Acceptance is also a thought but this will boost you for next step; ignorance is also a thought and this will put in perturbed state. Decision came from wisdom and wisdom is achieved with practice not learned from books.

On the world health day, as an academician; i just want to convey every citizen of this world that depression is curable. Just change the way you think, practice meditation, accept the rules of this universe and fight for the welfare of this humanity without any expectations. Depression will vanish for sure.

In words of Buddha, “Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.”

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