Life, Its Just Like An Amusement Park…

Posted by Mr.X Says
April 15, 2017

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Competitions, survival, job, tasks and many more, this is what life is and sadly, we all have or should I say the majority of us have made our life complicated, restricted, limited and all that things that has caged us and our minds into the stereotypical and virtual cage, where you are known for your power, skills, potential for survival, achievement and more.

But you aren’t judged on being human or just a normal person with little desires to explore and live. We all have to agree that we belong to a human race who just wants to make it big, no matter what we live and we have made the world only for the fittest and not for the weakest.

Surprisingly no person or no machine will tell or raise a voice for the weaker section of people, why? Because they don’t contribute to the human race, well as per the old sayings, you cannot judge the fish capabilities by making it climb the wall. Weaker people do exist, well for a reason that they aren’t allowed to live in a habitat where they belong to, a penguin will be and also is a weak animal if it comes into a tropical atmosphere.

We all have gone to an amusement park, we all made it sure that we don’t miss a single ride in the park, for just one reason. The reasons are not complicated, it’s simple, the journey to the amusement park might be the last one and all we got is this one last chance to explore and discover the thrill and adventure before we lose any.

Isn’t that the reason we all have? Well mostly yes, the reason stays quite simple and what about our life and the world we live in?

The world itself is the biggest and the greatest amusement park made naturally or mythologically. But we tend to forget this and constrain ourselves in a cage where everything is fixed with our roles that revolve around the cage.

The world is yet undiscovered and unexplored, it’s a fact that money is an element, required to explore and discover, but it’s also a fact, that making money isn’t the only motto or the conclusion of anyone’s life.

Why the society, the people, the world tends to make us focus only on one particular thing? When we know that we live only once.

The time is money, and it keeps on decreasing as you keep yourself in the cage or in other words, sitting on just one ride. Move on and get going, the world is a box of surprise and not the television sitting in your home or hiding in your pocket.

Just for once you think, why only engineering, why not study arts and music for example after or along with it? Why not study various and different things when everything is available at some cost? Because nothing comes for free. Why not survive to explore and discover?

If you have seen a movie, theater, play or any play on fiction, then remember and notice that the character has life until and then the person playing the character is on the stage, but as the person comes down the stage, the character remains no more.

You, I and we all are like the person playing some character on a stage called




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