‘I See All Of You’: A Young Poet Shuts Down Every Body Shaming Stereotype

Posted by Rabsimar Kaur in Body Image, Video
April 19, 2017

This video has been created by a group of women from Indraprastha College for Women, under a campaign called ‘Love Beyond Sizes’, which is essentially about self-love, targeting the perpetrators behind body shaming.

For too long, the issues of not having a correct body, being too curvy, too flabby or even too skinny, have haunted men and women alike. Our inner insecurities of not fitting society’s standard of the ‘proper’ size eat up our self-confidence. Monsters born out of self-consciousness, pity, unease, and insecurity, leave us all unhappy and demotivated. This is what this campaign aims to tackle. The inner you and the outer you are both as proper and gorgeous as they could be.

All we need to do is see it, feel it and embrace it, because we see ‘All Of You’!