Making Of The Perception In 21st Century

Posted by Ayush Kumar
April 19, 2017

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Years after 2010 seems to be most dynamic for india youths.. especially the age group in their 20s and 30s. Debate on nationalism, secularism, patriotism and many other issues, led to a great turmoil in indian society and perhaps these incidents are indications of paradigm shift.

We can make out two different conclusion out of these developments..

First , the change in our society to challange or criticise shows the expansion of knowledge base of our society. Now the issue relating to culture, religion or any other things are on the forefront, even the new generations have talks on sexuality and personal life.

The other question comes that what are the things or changes led to these development in our society..

In my perspective most and formost reason is expansion of knowledge base of indian society.. and political activation of masses. For a long time especially after jp’s total revolution, young generations in india seemed to be aloof from indian politics but with the developments like internet, social media, and electronic media, people are getting much more attached to their society.

Now comes the second conclusion out of these developments. Do we indians on the name of development heading towards mental enslavement? Twenty four hours we are getting infected from the thousands informations out of which 90% things are either fake or tends to made our mind to think that way if it is true.

These developments is totally biased. And the biggest reason behind it is itself the education. Yes, the education system of india, with distinct pattern of youths pursuing technical degrees, with no social knowledge and subject of humanities. One can argue that to have understanding of society, one don’t need to have knowledge of humanities. But the bitter truth is that the general perspective which these technical group is developing is shaped by fake informations on facebook and whatsapp forwarded messages.

Which is the biggest reason for the development of a huge ulcer in our society.. which if not prevented could be dangerous. Today the society is getting divided on these lines.. on one side their are people with different versions of nationalism, secularism, etc on the other side their are people with hyper perception on these issues. History is distorted, and the arguments are now being taken as offense sometimes criminal.

These views can be rhetorics but the developments is indeed serious and if it is used by power lobbies in such a way for their benefits.. days are near when  simple conversations will led to tussles and bloodshed all around.


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