Me & My Two Companion

Posted by Deep Talukdar
April 24, 2017

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     I always found them together. Every time when I was in any problem, they used to come together. If I am seating, they used to seat beside me. If I am sleeping, I always used to find them by my side. They were my good companions.
     It was 1964. 12-01-1964 my DOB.. Just like any other, I came to this world with teary eyes, to a middle class family where I was loved most as I was the only child.
     I was 14 by then. I met my two companions. It was the 1st time they talked to me. That time, I was very young and was not mature enough to discriminate between good and bad. But I remember that incident very well. My teacher was standing in front of me. He was very angry. Someone told him that I had bunked class the day before. He was asking me to tell the truth. I was standing there with my two companions. One was telling me to tell the truth. He used to talk less. Silent type. But the other one was different. He was saying, ‘What’s wrong with you? You are not going to say anything. If you tell him, you will be punished. Just don’t say anything and I will take care of I followed him. I didn’t say a single word. Sir told me to leave. No punishment. Nothing.
     I was very happy that night. I started depending on him. He was also happy. But the silent companion was looking sad.
     It’s been 39 years after that incident. I was depending blindly on my companions. Every time, when I was in trouble I used to get two opinions from my two companions. But every time I used to ignore the opinion of my silent companion. Actually the other one had become my favorite. The opinions or the ways he used to suggest were always simple and easy to follow.
     Now I am 53 years old. I am again in some problem. Just like before, this time also, I am seating with my companions. Just like before, they are giving me their opinions. I can hear the voice of the silent friend. He is saying that everything will be fine. ‘Be strong and have patience.’
     The other friend is speaking a lot today. He is telling me something very scary. ‘Look..everything has finished. Nothing is left for you. It’s all over. Listen to me. Just finish it off. Your life has come to an end. Remember the first time when we talked. You followed my instructions and I saved you from punishment. Do the same. I will take care of everything. No punishment. No tears. Nothing . Just finish yourself.’
     This time, I listened to the voice of my silent companion (the silent type friend) and that is the only reason I am able to share this experience with you.
     Well now, let me introduce you to my companions or friends. They are none other than the two halves of a human life. The positive half and the negative half. One who always gives you reason to stay positive, stay alive and the other one who always shows the shortcut to escape from any situation.
     So no shortcuts please. It may lead you towards your end.

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