Menstruation? Not Soo Serious.

Posted by Sohan Prasad
April 26, 2017

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Firstly, Stop sacrificing a girl’s self esteem at the altar of menstrual hygiene.

It’s about the self esteem and Confidence. It shouldn’t be a taboo. A girl didn’t ever wish to go through menstrual cycle. She do not wish to experience pain every month for luxury.

It is again something one really can not eradicate. Well it is not supposed to be, right?

Or else how on Earth will a life come out from that woman who suffers from that pathetic phenomenon every month?

Well, is the Government scared that if such amenities are provided to the capable woman of the society, they might be a little ahead in the track than the male peers?

It might just help women going through the process realize that they are not as impure as they are considered in temples.

At least it will help in keeping the growth of microorganisms and save that poor little untouchable from infections and toxic shock syndrome.

It will also not promote but prevent cervical cancer.

Okay, let’s not care for females  so much. At least keeping in mind about the environment, it isn’t a bad idea.

I believe before requesting the government for such an action, we must take an initiative to take them down the school and teach what menstruation is.

I am confident that, once they have the perfect knowledge of what it is, they will implement the notion.


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