Morals Never Change!

Posted by Meghna Nimbekar
April 1, 2017

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There were times when whatever the elder one said, was taken to be the thumb rule. The orders were taken to be so seriously that no one even dared to go against the decision of the elderly, what maximum could happen was a rebellious act which would only take place once the despotic rule had reached the bottle neck.

The changes in society slowly helped the younger to raise their voices and come and speak for whatever they found to be derogatory, or not as per the change in the meaning of the morals for them. The term ‘respect’ is losing its significance and then there are instances where the elderly are blamed for everything. I do not know as to how much of it is justified as to when the little ones try to rebel and focus on something which might be right from their kaleidoscope.

The ones on top could still change their attitude; in fact, they are definitely trying to adjust with the changing nature of the social fabric. However, the only area to focus on is the rebellious attitude of the youth. Thus, the change must come from the youth. It is their materialistic nature and the urge to explore each and every aspect of life, at a very premature stage, is what the real problem that needs to be addressed is.

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