Multi Personality Disorder In India

Posted by Mr.X Says
April 11, 2017

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We are a part of the nation, a nation that is not only the home of the variety of cultures but also one of the fastest growing nation.

Clearly, we somewhere miss the entire meaning of the term development and communal harmony. Being a hypocrite and acting as if we are right, is not a solution to our problems. Most of us say and believe that cow is the sacred animal and cannot be consumed or ill-treated but, in my own village where people worship the cow, feed them the leftovers and other spoilt eatables.  Then we expect the god to be grateful for the way we treat them. Seriously?

Gau rakshaks are the new trending mob that supports and save cows and treats them better or in other terms equal to god. It’s good to see such caring nature and support for cows, but beating up the people who consume beef and killing in the name of saving cows, where dies this head to?

I am neither a supporter nor I am against the animals, but I am against the blind hypocritic mobs who go wild on the name of saviors of animals.

Here are some of my questions,

Where are these people, when there are cows feeding on plastic and human garbage thrown carelessly on the road?

Where are these people who talk about saving the holy animal, when the garbage it feeds on, also comes from the house of Hindus?

Where are these mobs, when the cows are been mistreated by the similar region they belong to by leaving them carelessly on the road and prone to accidents?

I have questions because how can someone keep quite when a person demonstrates such cheap and ill hypocritic act and a major political party turning blind on such issues?

Answer my questions and let me know what do you think and what would you say about such hypocrites.

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