Muslims Cannot Have Four Wives

Posted by Mohammad Asif
April 30, 2017

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Marriage is considered as a sacred relation of two hearts and souls in each tradition. That is from where the term soul mate has originated. Every religion and culture follows their own rituals and norms  but in the end it is the love between spouses which carries  life further. If  love between man and woman  is true both of them will share  utmost pleasure but in other case they might end up ruining their lives. I belong to a Muslim background and nowadays we all  hear such stuff about polygamy (generally having four wives  in Islam)   which is not the case. The so called maulvis and Indian men have distorted this peaceful religion for satisfying their lust. There is no such thing as having multiple wives. People ask me just to mock the religion of Islam and that is why I am here to clarify this confusion. Polygamy has become so mythical in the minds of many people that they assume being Muslim means having four wives. This is a false  notion of course. A very renowned anthropologist,  Actually, Islam  specifically limited the practice of polygamy that existed before Islam and established very strict conditions for guidance. The question, “How could any man have two wives? That’s terrible!” reflects ethnocentrism. We assume that because we’re living in the West and it seems strange, and we assume it must apply to all cultures, all times, under all circumstances. This simply isn’t true. Let me give you one current-day example. In the savage attack on Afghanistan, genocide was committed on the Afghani people. It is estimated

that 1-1.5 million people lost their lives, a great majority of whom were men of a marriageable age. Now, with a great shortage of men, what will happen to their widows, their orphans and their daughters of marriageable age? Is it better to leave them in a camp, with a handout? Or better a man is willing to take care of his fallen comrade’s wife and children?

  • It is obvious that monogamy is the norm for Muslims. If we assume that having four wives is the norm, then we assume a population of 80% female and 20% male, which is an impossibility on the aggregate level. The only verse in the Quran that speaks about polygamy, speaks about limiting not instituting polygamy. The verse was revealed after the Battle of Uhud in which many Muslims were martyred, leaving behind wives and children in need of support. This verse shows the spirit and reason of the revelation. To give support to the orphans and widows polygamy was allowed. No such condition of war exist today. Moreover no one will be willing to marry a widow and someone who is much older than the man. So I ask my Hindu brothers and sisters to avoid listening to maulvis. They are disgracing their own religion. Islam is not a man dominated religion. Women too have equal rights.  Islam is not radical but the men with beards have made it. It is not sex oriented but men made it appear like that.

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