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Posted by akshay bohra
April 30, 2017

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Traveling is nothing but just one way to learn thing explore more and more like a hungry ghost…

Its an insomnia which don’t even let uh to sleep calmly and think better of having a good nap. But regrettably this won’t happen.

When I think m living in a wholesome galaxy                                                             aunn.. should I point to universe with a lot , a lot more to explore and get new stuff every day(m not talking in context of stone persons)  where one can not stop oneself from go deeper and deeper and simultaneously you are in damn curious to taste other stuff as well.

Travel voyage is lot more than usual journey of rolling life span. Here lets be in limit and try to know our country each state has various different places physical attraction, food, culture, common traits, residence and  a lot more to touch and taste.  No one wants to delete these sweet cache.

Let’s talk about one of our journey towards the world of music manias.

*NH7 WeeKeNDers

Weekender is a popular music fest celebrating all over india . and thousands of people enjoy the music vibes of bands, electro and folk trance.

My journey was toward weekender Bacardi @ shillong. Shillong is known as “Switzerland of the east” in a following trend of modernization and westernization this city becomes a city of parties and nature.

We are travelling from Guwahati ,assam to shillong . you will find this as the most common way as in route by train or air you can approach to Guwahati, shillong has air transportation facilities but no train route.

Even if one prefer to go shillong from Guwahati its also a good choice the road way from guw to shillong is also a journey of great experience. Its around 100 km takes 2-3 hrs one can use tracer and also hire a car which is easily available @ulubari railway station

Our squad leave the Guwahati around 2 in noon pick a car to shillong. The midway was really awesome shillong is situated on upper hill side thus weather and climate of this place is really suitable for all. After a journey of 2-3 hrs we finally reached to our destination “barimbong”. Barimbong is a village side 10-12 km away from the town barimbong is fully occupied by weekender the roadside flags, village traffic and festival feeling was really energetic.  They have covered almost whole village as like village is celebrating its own festival. The parking slots km away, lines of bullets and duke. Music of the sphere is really unforgettable. Residents of this towns were in their traditional getup the struggling thing is they don’t know hindi or engalish thus its hard to interact with them but somehow you could manage to merge with them. The side scenes where travelers were relaxing in their tents and some are yawning in green grass. Every where you feel music from sound system even outside the weekender arena.

Musicomania were having drink and snaks in open fresh air.

The three day event weekender has a lot more feeling on another part-





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