No One For Women

Posted by Aryan Don
April 2, 2017

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These Days Everyone is Shouting and Fighting For Death Punishment.. Life Imprisonment.. Bla Bla For Killing of Cows.. But We Dont Understand Why We Are Silent From So Many Years For Crime Against Women.. Every Govt. Changes And Makes Their Agenda For Vote Bank.. But Why There Is No Clause For Such Laws Which Gives A Complete Protection To Girls… Every Politicians Is Fighting For Mandir Maszid But No One Raise Voice For Death Punishment Against Rape..

Its Only Because Cow Gives Vote Bank But Fighting For Women Is Just A Social Issue.. Also No Media Is Raising Voice For This Coz Rape Gives A TRP But Fight Against Rape is Waste of Time..

Why We All Are So Heartless Thay We Are Able To Fight For Religion.. Fight For Cow Safety But Nothing For Womens….

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