#noplace4hate An open letter to my online Sexual Harasser

Posted by leena hazarika
April 1, 2017


Picture by Australian human rights commission.



I am sure even now you are writing some mean, sexual and horrifying messages to some random girls in the hope of getting weird sadistic pleasures. I think your morning starts with an Irish cup of coffee, tissue papers and the laptop where you start scanning which woman today is perfectly eligible to face your violent comments and abuses while jerking off your loneliness away cos in real life no woman loves you back or may be you are intimidated by women in general.

Now , when I think about all the weird texts you send me, I honestly don’t feel angry cos I realised that it’s not my fault that I am a bold and outgoing woman. I don’t look like an easily available person too. IT’S YOUR FAULT. May be you are brought up in a household where you are taught that a woman is born only to have intercourse or in your language sodomy with or to be used for your domestic chores.

People like you make us “FEW WOMEN” feel worthless. May be not all my sisters around the world are strong enough to digest all of the open threats and insults you throw as soon as the morning starts in the hope that someday some women might agree to sleep with you. Many of them are still facing bully and fighting depression cos you are making them feel horrible about their own existence. But, no it’s not they who are weak , it’s you who is weak cos you need the feeling of being above all females to show that you are man.

It’s strange that all this time I was voicing out about protection of women in the streets of India when at the same time you were already raping women all around the world virtually by sending words which creeps into our skin and make us feel the pain a real rape victim goes through. You were attacking us to fulfil your fantasies which you have made in your psychotic mind by watching violent pornographic movies.You were expecting us to feed your weak and delusional mind by replying in support to all the desires.

BUT, WE PROTESTED. And that’s where it went all wrong for you. Our reactions made you feel weaker than before. You were pushed back into the reality that you are nothing but just an unhappy, lonely and sadistic man who has these horrible ideas coming into his mind about how he can rape stranger women online and on his mind through violent words. LET ME TELL YOU . I am not scared of you neither from your behaviours. I have never let any abusers to escape or roam freely.

But, the only fear that freaks me out is there are many others like you around us. On per day basis we face atleast 4-5 such persons like you online who are not even added on our friendlist but, yet, they have the audacity to text us sexual abusive contents. I am worried that you all will never stop abusing us. I am worried that what if someday sexual stalkers like you actually follow us and harm us in real life. What if these behind the screen criminals,

like you, do really comes into real? It is not humanly possible to file an Fir each and everyday about various fake accounts. I think we need something stronger than that to eradicate men like you. I think we need protection everywhere. I think our society needs to stop thinking that a woman is made to harass. I think we all need to stop thinking that it’s ok to get such responses. MOST IMPORTANTLY I THINK IT’S NOT OK TO IGNORE THEM

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