Nude Art: Beauty Or Women’s Objectification?

Posted by Shraeyansh Rajpurohit
April 22, 2017


If you google “Nude Art’ you’ll see a bunch of slim, blonde with huge breast, sexy women posing naked in front of camera, and you’ll hardly find a male nude in those images, even if you didn’t google ‘Female Nude Art’.
What does it actually mean?
Nude art is in so many ways dominated by men’s perspective. What is really being shown is men’s (presumably heterosexual) sexual subjectivity: the experience of being a person in the world who is presented with images that are for his titilation. Women don’t even exist in this way. They are not exposed everyday to images that legitimise their lust; instead the images teach women they are the object that lust.
(Queer Nudity is out of question)

This is what it means to live in a world in which desire is structured by a gendered sexual subject/object binary. That is men are taught to be subject who see women as objects and women are taught to be objects. Women have to endure the male gaze problem, but the flip side is that men are invisible, and expected to be invisible.
If I, as a straight woman can see and appreciate female nudity, Why is it so hard and disgusting for men to see themselves naked? And what about the women’s sexual subjectivity?
Dear Men, appreciating a naked male body doesn’t make you homosexual that you have to be ashamed of, so chillout!

Some people say “Women’s bodies are much more carnal to the eyes of people than Men’s”. Who’s eyes? As a heterosexual woman, Beautiful? – Yes, Erotic? – No. and not to my other female friends. And if those nudes are portrayed as Sex Appeal then is whole world’s sexual orientation is Women?
(Except for lesbians and bisexuals) They are appealing to Men.

Not only Men are responsible for for this but also women. Women needs to accept and embrace their sexual subjectivity, there’s nothing wrong in getting turned on by seeing a naked men. Women are letting men take over every space because either they are lazy or they are bound by the stereotypical rules of what women supposed to do. According to my statistics there are only 10% women who admits to masturbate, the women that I know of personally.
As Audre Lorde said, In order to e utilized, our erotic feelings must be recognised.
Nude Art means: Beauty in Nudity. Even if you google ‘Female Nude Art’ you’ll hardly see a woman in her 40s or 50s , or some sexually unattractive woman posing naked, because they are not sexy enough to fulfil men’s desire. Which further means they are also not beautiful. And it’s still like this because women do not have any problem with it.

It’s not that I don’t like female nudity, I just noticed the under representation of men, naked or otherwise. This is too bad. If we’re going to celebrate the female form, we need to celebrate the male form as well.
Nudity is good. It can strengthen the bonds and break down barriers between people. And I can’t deny the positive impact of overcoming the fear of nudity. Female nudity is (I would say not only) for seducing but to also help the people who are suffering from body image issues or low-esteem fear and anxiety, to make people feel equally beautiful, to love themselves and their body.
As a person I view all forms as beautiful and interesting. There’s so much fascinating about the landscape of real human bodies— the way bones stretch the skin, the beauty of contraposto, the lovely little wrinkles and folds built up around the joints and soft places. I wish more people could view other human being as a landscape to appreciate rather than a object of Sex.

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