Nurturing “self” Is The Priority!

Posted by Jyothi Kannan Madheswaran
April 26, 2017

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Before any inspirational and enlightening speeches and orations, there is a thing that lies far more basic than anything, i call that as “common sense”.Once you enjoy being a person with common sense you’d never get rid of that. You may ask “Are we lacking common sense? after all these education”. My answer would we YES! and it is.

Consider an individual being born. “The creature” blinks the eye,crawls,toddles and grow. In this due course “the creature” sees many things, observes behaviors and I think that parents play a major role in nurturing the framework of their offspring’s thought process. “The creature” must obtain knowledge and should have the rational way of seeing things both inside it’s self and in the society. as the creature grows it develop its own ideas on things, beliefs and happenings around it. one or the other time the creature need to respond to that happenings, that shows the stake that the creature has in this society. That is why nurturing one’s self is far more important than creating a policies, though we have very big constitution in the world yet we are intolerant,rhetoric and dominant.

Let us take a moment to ask ourselves how many men in India are aware of what puberty means and how it feels when a girl undergoes bleeding phase of her menstrual cycle. The answer will be oblivious. The reason I see behind this inclusion of awareness is that, picturing this “menses” as a taboo and not to be spoken in open space. Here, we could see the mythology playing a role and now we are in a age where we question the beliefs and getting clarity through it. We have to do the same in this case too. Pass this to rationality and you will see no awkwardness and any insanity in it. Once the proper understanding comes up with any issue it could be figured out.

All this may sound irrelevant to the current problem but the root cause of all evil is “ignorance”. Let us educate our children in home and don’t let government inside this because if a family takes care of itself government runs smoothly. Let us break ths psychological friction that we have on this issue and just open up. To the people who are in listening position, please do not judge them as they are peer human beings like you with their uniqueness. Let us respect all and grow together.

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