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Posted by Jeremy Chew
April 7, 2017

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If you walk into a library during the exam season, you’re bound to see students camping and slaving away at their desks. They no longer care about their appearance nor their food intake – often finding it sufficient to eat out of a tin or a bag of crisps. Talk to them and the word ‘stress’ is bound to come up a few times. A survey conducted by the Nightline Association in 2013 found that 65% of students feel stressed and the reason behind this is because they have too many things on their plate at the same time. They juggle part-time jobs, worry about assignments, try to stay on top of their studies, and brood over their future.

However, completely eliminating feelings of stress and anxiety may prove to be detrimental to our lives. There is an optimum level of anxiety that a person should have in order to perform at their best. Which is why it’s crucial to know how to keep your stress levels in check. Listed below are some methods that you can try to relieve stress.

#1: Exercising

One of the easiest ways to relieve stress is by getting physically active. Whenever you exercise or play sports, our body releases endorphins, a “feel good” hormone which instantly boosts our mood. If you can’t find time off your schedule to hit the gym, a brisk walk to class everyday would suffice. Another amendment that you can make to your lifestyle includes taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Also, you can consider joining a sports club for a more active lifestyle with the added benefit of having regular contact with other people. You can also try picking up yoga; a proven method of easing and relaxing your mind as well as promoting the wellness of your body.

#2: A Healthy Diet

To combat stress, a good immune system is important. So, avoid taking junk food or that extra size of pizza and opt for healthier meal options. Incorporate more fresh ingredients, vegetables and fruits into your meal. You’ll boost your immune system while increasing your body’s resistance to virus and diseases. A healthy body will ease your mind and this in turn, will reduce stress.

Come the exam season, it becomes increasingly tempting to have quick and easy ready-meals. These types of meals lack in nutritional value and are high in calories. Combined with the sedentary lifestyle of hours spent at your desk, you become more susceptible to weight gain. So, if you stick to healthier meals, you won’t have to worry about a growing waist line – another stress inducing factor crossed out from the potential list.

#3: Sufficient Sleep

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Our body relies on sleep to get rest which is why sleep is deemed as one of the best medicine for our mind and body. Even taking a short 20 minute nap is able to boost your productivity. However, due to the fact that we currently live in a digital age, we spend too much time on social media – often turning off our laptops to use our phones in bed. The light from using your phone in the dark decreases melatonin production; a hormone required to fall asleep.

In other words, when you use your phone or tablet in the dark, you will have difficulty falling asleep and even experience an affected quality of sleep. Since our body reacts negatively when it has insufficient rest, you become more susceptible to illnesses and a higher stress level. So, put your phones and tablets away before bedtime.

#4: Laugh

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Not to be undermined, laughing automatically reduces stress by increasing the oxygen and blood flow. Due to this, you will be able to focus on your work and assignments which improves efficiency and productivity. So, take breaks in between your work and have meals with your friends, you’ll be able to take your mind off work and even get a couple of good laughs in between. Otherwise, browse through websites like 9gag for an added bit of comedy.

#5: Take it Easy on Yourself

Realize and understand that you cannot control everything that goes on in your life. There will be instances when things don’t go according to plan or when you can’t do things perfectly. Instead of feeling frustrated and angry with your current situation, take a few deep breaths and try to relax. Avoid thinking about everything that is wrong and instead, focus on the positives and ways to fix your problems. This way, you’ll be able to keep your stress levels in check while maintaining productivity.

Becoming Empowered

When you’ve learnt how to keep your stress levels in check, you will note an increase in productivity and even a happier life experience. Learn how to make the most out of stressful situations and use your anxiety to fuel passion instead of self-pity, persistence instead of apprehension, and ambition instead of discouragement. Keep faith that there is a rainbow behind every rainfall.


This article was written by Leow Suyin from iPrice Group.

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