Pain In Corporate Hospitals..

Posted by Anu Anu
April 4, 2017

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Hello all,

Well to start with am a girl who always dreamt of my parents good health as every one do.But one day all of a sudden I have come across a news which I never dreamt I..E, my mother went under cardiac arrest .With heavy heart  I have started from silicon valley to my home town with no clue.keepin her last smile in my eyes I was unable to see her on Hospital bed with all ventilator equipment .As days passed she was out of ventilator but our happiness dint stay for seconds where we got to know she went under “Hypoxy brain injury”I called her Amma many times she is not able to recognise me even ,that minute was the heart drenching minute to me.As a girl I kept all the pain with in me .My father and my family we all tried so hard to get her out of that shock.To all our luck one fine day she started recognising us but she can’t speak stand or sit and it takes months of time to recover from this Hypoxy brain injury.we can never escape from the fate we took her home slowly I got her to a stage where she was able to sit for few minutes with physio and utmost care,chew food slowly . Moreover she became a child to me .We were all happy that she is coming out of it soon and I started dreaming her walking like before .

In this whole scenario I went under lot of mental pressure in hospital .I have learnt so much form The so called corporate hospitals . Being an educated and biotech student I understood the medical terms and had a counter questions to the doctors always but to say Frankly very few doctors clears your questions.You will not get answers so soon but every day you will get bills so soon in big digits.


From one month of this episode all of a sudden my mother’s hands were swollen and blood level got reduced where it was minor and we have admitted in same hospital .At that position she is able to speak few words eat food sit for minutes.I worked so hard to get her to that position.very first word I heard from doctor is “your mother is at life risk”common what the hell he is saying I dint get .I jus admitted her as her blood is low and her sodium potassium levels are low where the life risk comes in between ..Ok I jus calmed myself and treatment started where they started transfusion blood and started correcting sodium levels.on very next day when I have entered in ICU my mom was awake she is asking me to take her home ,I told her mom everything will be alright it’s just a blood transfusion we will go home soon I have asked her to smile ,she smiled at me ..That’s the last smile I had seen unfortunately.same time a nurse in ICU got a call from lab saying that potassium levels went up stop giving potassium to patient..

Is this the way they take care of a patient who went under sever heart problem?Duty doctor is sleeping in ICU in night ,where nurses are busy with round table conference at night when I have entered ICU in night.I was observing all the things and in Eve it was around 7 pm consultant neuro doctor told me everything is fine your mother can be shifted to ward the very next morning .I had a smile on my mother has asked me for food and with in time I have reached hospital for feeding her I saw her on a bed with all ventilator again…


I just fell there what is happening ??Where is my mother smile why she is on ventilator again ??As per doctor everything is fine and she is supposed to be shifted to room .So called doctors told me she went under cardiac respiratory arrest.The next day she opened her eyes holded my hands tight with tears in her eyes .I was running behind doctors to get her out of ventilator .Every day I started to hear new reasons for not taking her out of ventilator such as fever ,high respiration rate and UTI infection .Keeping all pain I use to roam many floors for the tests,paying bills but no of use it was around 5 days on ventilator her body started getting swollen even her eyes .She was fine initially but resulted in disaster as days passed.The so called corporate doctor used to shout at me if I ask more than a question about my mother’s condition.for god’s sake she is my mother and I have concern on her health am paying high amount of bills where doctors must answer me. Primarily they failed to diagnose the right reason they have put a person who has come on wheel chair on ventilator and dint reveal the reason till end .


Who is the reason for her pain ??Duty doctor who slept in night leaving everything on nurse who has no clue how much sodium potassium has to be given for patient??Which was reason for her sudden respiratory attack.

The untidyness in ICU which resulted in infection in her body??

The main consultant doctor who dint reveal the situation till end??


Who is reason for my mother pain.

Every day each doctor comes at each time scribbles some things on care sheet where nurses look after there by..Is this the way to treat patient.cant group of doctors sit and discuss about patient condition if she is treated by multiple doctors??

With all the negligence , unhygienic condition s ,with no proper protocol even by paying huge medical bills my mother is on ventilator for 10 the day and we left with last option tracheostomy even we have changed hospital ..

Being a corporate hospital are they following proper protocol?? The best hygiene??Is government taking care of it or government just closed eyes knowing all these??

As a victim by corporate Hospitals am writing these with tears in my eyes with out knowing what happens to my mother .I don’t want any of your to undergo through these . Beware of corporate Hospitals they are not so speedy in giving patient back but they are so speedy in collecting bill s ..They will keep you in a situation not to decide anything .You can’t help your family member who are facing pain in icu as well you will be standing out side icu to see them for a minute ..This whole process teaches you many things .

Thanks a lot to corporate Hospitals who taught me so much ..

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