Posted by Ankur Kumar
April 24, 2017


A girl forced to wear hot clothes,
A girl locked in a room tight.
A girl forced to wear short frocks,
With heels in her legs so high.

She had to fake her smile,
in front of different faces every night.
She tolerates every day,
The ones who are not and the ones high.

She had to learn dance,
for she is supposed to entertain those creepy eyes.
She cannot walk proudly in public,
as prostitute is the word she is called by.

No, she didn’t like it all,
but she was forced to sleep with men.
She can’t refuse to work now,
as she was bought with a handful currency then.

She got no education, no love.
She cries when sees caring grooms.
But she is helpless,
Tired of wearing makeup every night with those perfumes.

She wants to go,
but knows, she can’t escape now.
She convinced herself,
That’s her destiny, now matter what she wants.

By- Ankur

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