Pujas At Indian Families

Posted by Shruti Dash
April 12, 2017

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Hello everyone.

I think the title of the article is a little bit weird.Actually it doesn’t make any sense. But it has hidden message of patriarchy as far i have understood. That’s why i am writing something about it.

Pujas and festivals are celebrated very often in India and no doubt in a grand way too.I don’t think i should describe about festivals as many often you are aware of the fact the restrictions on women before attending any festivals.

So, i thought i should highlight about the “pujas” this time.Once I was subconsciously listening to a puja which a renowned  priest was performing.I am not an atheist.I have a strong belief in god although I refuse to abide by the rules set by the conservative society. Everything was going smoothly when i heard something which made my blood boil with anger.

He was chanting a sloka and then he read out a mythological story.  I understood the meaning very well. And i am translating the summary here,”

“Once there was a king who had 3 queens and the middle one was jealous of the youngest queen.I found the first line immensely patriarchal, however i controlled myself and continued hearing. As time passed on the youngest one conceived, when the middle one got to know the news she tried every possible way to kill her because if she gave birth to a “son”, he would become the next king. But she(youngest queen) was a great devotee of “narayana”. So, he saved her from the evil queen. ”

Sigh!! Patriarchy everywhere.But it didn’t end here. At the end of the puja the priest blessed the members of the family.He wishes male members to succeed in their work and live long but to my utter surprise he wishes the females to be “ayisulaskhyani”, which means “they should die before their husbands”!!!  And the ladies even considered this word as a blessing.

What i feel is the condition of our society is such that it may take us years the goals which we have set in order to meet the standards of equality. Sometimes i get disheartened thing on this issue.But still there is a ray of hope as some of us are trying hard enough to achieve the goal.

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