Ram Janam Bhumi

Posted by Rajeev Ranjan
April 6, 2017

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Shri Ram Janam Bhumi sign board,Ayodhya.


After BJP got massive victory in UP assembly election and Mr. Adityanath became the CM, Ram Mandir again gaining the TRP.

Everyone has their own opinions and views on it, and it’s not bad. But is this really what India want? Either Ram Mandir or Babri Masjid?
I have something different and rational view on it. This view represents the view of young India, new India. I want this to share with you all on this holy occasion of Shree RamNavmi.
Before that I have a beautiful story for you which had been shared by non other than the great and respected Sir Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in his book Ignited Minds. 
‘It was 1962 when the two great internationally renowned scientists of our country Dr Vikram Sarabhai and Dr. HJ Bhabha, who was among the founder members of ISRO, was looking for a site to establish the space research station in the equatorial region. They found a village named Thumba in Kerala, the most suitable as it was near equatorial region and was get ideally suited for ionospheric research.
The village was inhabited by thousands of fishermen. It had also a beautiful church (St Mary Magdalene Church) and Bishop’s house.
Dr. Sarabhai met the Bishop on Saturday and requested transfer of the property. The Bishop smiled and asked him to meet next day. On Sunday morning service, the Bishop told the congregation, “My children, I have a famous scientist with me who wants our church and the place I live for the work of space science and research. Science seeks truth that enriches human life. The higher level of religion is spirituality. The spiritual preachers seek the help of the Almighty to bring peace to human minds. In short, what Vikram is doing and what I am doing are same. Both science and spirituality seek the Almighty’s blessings for human prosperity in mind and body. Children, can we give them God’s abode for scientific mission?”
There was silence for a while followed by a hearty ‘Amen’ from the congregation which made the whole church reverberate.’
So now what my point of view on Ram Janam Bhumi is that, why shouldn’t that land be used for the technology, science, or medical research? Why that land shouldn’t be used for historical or geographical research?
Else, if you want to show the direct and visible development to the people, why the land shouldn’t be used for the AIIMS, IIT, IIM or a world class university like Ancient Nalanda University?
Why don’t we come forward to boycott the use of land for Mandir or Masjid? As we already a world topper for these. Why can’t we think rational and logical? Why can’t we think collectively to make this great country a world leader? Believe me no one is there to stop we Indians in being that, except our discrete thinking.
Why can’t the Priests and Imams think like that Bishop? Why can’t we think like the people of Thumba village.
Be Indian, be human, be rational.
Happy Shri RamNavmi to all.
Rajeev Ranjan

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