Reach Out To Roots

Posted by Muskan Dhar
April 5, 2017


The term by which most of indian men get offended.I am 18 and i DON’T like to be called a girl, instead i prefer people calling me as a WOMAN. This isn’t because i like to brag about myself but because i actually feel elated being called one. My classmates think that i overreact when social traumas like rapes and molestations set in, they think bra straps sexualised a man and girls should NOT be showing them. A week ago, i heard my relatives watching SAVDAAN INDIA and commenting : ” itne chotte kapde pehnegi toh buri nazat toh padegi hi” . My sister is a Young India fellow. She told me that a lot of debates happen over time on this topic. I wonder why? The question may sound absurd but i think its time we reach the roots first. I belong to Jammu and people here are UNEDUCATED ( even when they own degrees). We need help here because its suffocating to live in a society where off shoulder tops send “HINTS” and cold shoulder tops ” sexual drives”

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