Reading A Post Shakes A Newlywed Bride On Period Said No To Her Husband For Sex, He Broke Her Collarbone In Return.

Posted by Sukrati Shrivastava
April 12, 2017

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I Feel that this is high time to raise my voice today I was shattered when I read a news that the A Newlywed Bride On Period Said No To Her Husband For Sex, He Broke Her Collarbone In Return.Yes, I am girl And I am not supposed to speak this kind of issues but not anymore .A girl is beautiful creature created by god She has dreams she wants to live life empower her family and nation but as she grows she faces some harsh realities.Like discrimination on the basis of gender No matter how much my parents are strong but this society keeps them realizing that they don’t have sons and no matter how much your daughter is educated she is “paraya than ” She will go to some other home e and in old age who will take care of u to this my daddy smiles every time.He keeps working hard in order to give me good education without any selfish interest.I have seen many proud women they are proudy because They have sons though they are unemployed hurt girls do other bad things but they are boys they will bring wives with dowry na .
YES, I am a girl We are expected to perform the same jobs for less money. We are viewed as the weaker gender even when we prove our strength time and time again.
Safety concerns I have bad habit of relating any incident that happened to me with news in my childhood
When I was in in 10TH standard I refused to be girl friend of guy and him threatened me to throw acid on my face I was so scared that I refused to give examination my daddy told every thing to bade papa.He and my cousins helped I gave examination and passed thanks to teachers sister Pawna she totally transformed my life.I decided to do B.E N Mtech.I am not against boys I am against the orthodox narrow and cheap thinking of few people who just consider woman as object to full fill sexual desires.
Because remember The Power Of Goddess Durga Lies In Every Woman. She Deserves the Respect If on this earth Persecution , harassment, sins against her were continue like this than She can become like goddess Chandi.If She is capable of tolerating She is like earth which keeps on bearing the pain but when it become in an excess natural disaster like earthquake comes same goes with every woman.Nothing can stop a woman determined for right cause.So GUYS treat every girl and woman with respect.

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