Why Is Religion Never Interpreted As Respect For Fellow Beings?

Posted by Krati Agarwal in Society
April 26, 2017

Indians are so proud of whatever we have accomplished so far. From curing a deadly disease to launching satellites at a budget lower than that of a movie production, we stand together when it comes to collecting praise.

Yet, we can’t stand each other when it comes to the most sensitive topic of religion.

Through our struggle for independence, we recognised the need for individual self-expression and hence, through our Constitution, guaranteed each and everyone of us the freedom to express our opinion openly without fear.

But we have now reached a point where we see a person’s remark as an attack, an attack on our faith, and in no time, we term them ‘anti-national’.

Recent remarks by Sonu Nigam regarding the use of loudspeaker during Azaan became an attack on a minority religion’s faith and a threat to their freedom.

What he meant to say was never looked into and actions were taken based on the superficial examination, including issuing fatwas and instantly terming him as an anti-national by the Maulvi.

What he said was his opinion on the use of some technology to expand your belief, which is surely nothing but faking it. Belief comes from within, not by broadcasting it. He said he is against the current norm of remembering god, not God nor any belief.

Religion is indeed the opium of the masses (as said by Karl Marx) which leaves the masses in a drugged state and compels them to kill their rationality and act unpredictably.

A remark, an opinion is seen as an attack on their belief and that person instantly becomes anti-national.

Most of the problems we see around us, in a way, exist because of people’s blind faith in their religion. Take the issue of Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. Hindus want their mandir, Muslims want their masjid. Instead of thanking God for life and happiness, people are busy proving their religion or faith as superior.

What they are failing to understand is that, be it a mandir or masjid, God will not come and bless you in a place where you killed and undermined his creations, just because that creation didn’t agree with your opinions.

I don’t know when this fight will end and when people will actually come forward and respect each other not because of same belief but because of humanity.

As long as we keep on fighting over these small divides, we can never imagine a progressive state. We should not forget that humans are the only species which has come so far, which has evolved, and holds rationality.

Rationality which separates us from other species, and after coming so far what we are ultimately doing is fighting amongst ourselves over our own created institutions that is religion.