Respect Girls.

Posted by Nilima Jangam
April 10, 2017

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I was going through my Instagram stories and there was this story uploaded, about a word “RANDI”. Most of us know the meaning of this word. When a girl is born, the doctors say “ladki hui hai” don’t they? Or have you heard someone say “Randi hui hai”. Why do people want to abuse such a beautiful creation of god? The girl you are abusing is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister someone’s friend. Imagine how you would feel if someone abuses a girl in your life? This blog is about a website that went viral recently, ‘’. This website is about giving your opinion of the person on the website while you are being anonymous. It’s a good way to share your opinions about the person, changes you want to see in that person, apologies, and tell beautiful things about him/her, if you are not comfortable to tell it directly. And then there are these categories of people who want to abuse the person. The main victims are the girls. There are comments that say, “Your ass is hot”, “I want to fuck you ass”, “Your boyfriend doesn’t deserve you, come with me I will make your life heaven”, “come with me I will take care of all your expenses and will teach you all the sex positions and I will make your sex life more better”. Please note that these are directly takes from the website and there are lot more out there. When a girl wears beautiful clothes and if she looks beautifully hot, why are there people who think of fucking her ass? A girl’s life is her own life, she may make it all easy or complicated as she takes her own decisions. No one has a right to decide if her boyfriend deserves her or not? Neither do they have the right to think about her sex life or making it better. Who knows if she has even had a sex life? If a girl stays for a night with a guy, be it her friend, boyfriend or anyone else, why do people have to keep an eye on her? It’s not always necessary, that she had those special pleasuring moments with him and even if she has had it, it’s not anyone’s business. And for the boy, if he is speaking about the girl he slept with, he should understand that a ‘hand’ is more than enough for him and that is what he deserves.

Now girls, being a girl it is necessary to respect other girls. Your boyfriend’s ex is nothing to you, so try not to bitch about her. If you are bitching, let me remind you something, just because she is his ex you are his present. And moreover it’s an insult to your guy only. Also there is a dick outside waiting for you to abuse you at the maximum extent he can. There are people out there waiting to fuck with your mind and suck the happiness of your life. You have two options, either ignore it or challenge them. None of the options are weak. It’s just that you should know the way of handling a situation and how to follow the path. Understand a girl’s maturity, thoughts, body language, dressing sense, her behavior towards other people and her way of living and if you can’t understand then at least don’t assume by yourself. If you want to know her then ask her, if she is comfortable she will surely answer you and if she isn’t she will tell that to you directly. If you are on the unfortunate side, you don’t have to speak bad about her. When you have got nothing to do with her or if she is nowhere related to you then it’s better to leave her alone. In your life, when u meet a girl who hangs around with guys, don’t call her a slut. Until and unless she asks you for your help, you don’t have to force her for some stupid things. “LIVE AND LET LIVE” is the law of nature which everyone must follow.

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