Romeo’s last letter to Juliette!

Posted by Shrirang Chaudhary
April 3, 2017

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Date: 21st March 2017

(Anti-Romeo Squad implemented)


Dear Love!


I know you must be thinking of me, in concern that I might have changed. Honey, I am worried too, that you might have feared about our love will never cherished again. But let me tell you darling, essence of love will never blow over the world.

Sweetheart, when Shakespeare transcend us into the hearts of people, he never thought only two of us, he blend the affection of rain for earth, care of sunshine for flowers, trust that bumble bee have on lotus. He creates the potion of words which pleased the stars and moon from centuries.

World has adore our love and thus India, welcomed us in opened arms, our love nurtured because Indian people in themselves were huge hearten and passionate about love. You must remember, great lovers of this land, when Shri Krishna eloped Rukmini Ji, from thousands of miles, even they hadn’t seen each other before, remember? You know why this land was so fruitful, and why everyone came here chasing the prosperity, because every particle of this land was able to induce immense love and acceptance. Throughout the culture and eras, Sohni-Mehar, Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranja, Mirza-Sahiban, Nal-Damayanti, and thousands in every corner of houses and cities drunk the magical elixir of love and intimacy to others and so we rejoiced our space here.

Love of my life, I can understand how you feel today, while entrapped in the hegemonic shrewdness of society and family, not being able to freely express your heart. I can see the windows, empty drowned in loneliness without stories of your smiles, I can see mirrors dampen without shine of your eagerness to meet me, and I can feel the emptiness of bridges and roads dug out from our walk, hand in hand. I can feel the bars of misogyny and so called protection for you slicing your soul and pricking your heart deep enough to let it free from your body.

Hey my brave angle, worry you not, thousands of star-crossed love stories like us has been thwarted by now, but this land never dried away of passion and inspiration, because this soil is coloured with blood of passionate love and scent of purity, all they sacrificed will nurtured again, today it is me and you, tomorrow they will come again. Once again Sita will choose their Ram in swayamvar by her own, once again Draupadi’s will not questioned on her character, once again Bajirao will fight against so called values for Mstani and Mehar (Mahiwal) will jump with Sohni in the river of every odd.

Juliette, my darling love, today or tomorrow, I will be ceased from every heart, I might disappear in the mirage of moral policing and laws, but you should be there, staying strong to make your own decisions about love and marriage. Don’t let them tell you whom should you choose or not. Let nobody take Romeo granted as your utopian dream, tell them all that Romeo will appear when Juliette feel.  Romeo will be there till the time ends.


With every passing breath, yours







I love you! Today, more than ever!


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