Shout That Taboo Is Outdated In 21st Century

Posted by Hari Prasad
April 28, 2017

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Around 50% of India’s population is affected by the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products and awareness.So let us raise our hands for our sisters who are not having access to primary health needs.

I’d like to tell you something.I’m studying in a residential school.One day there came a shortage of water.We went all around the campus in search of water.And finally, we ended up deciding to take bath in the girl’s toilet.(That much worse was that water scarcity).We did our daily chores and we found something there, which wasn’t there in the boy’s toilet.It was a napkin burner and it was filled and was not working.Then we understood why the medical staff and lady teachers were calling special assemblies for the girls.The school was providing napkins to the students but it lacked a system for proper disposal of napkins.However, the vacation started within few days, so the girls haven’t faced a tough situation.

That’s just a single case, we proudly take a pledge in school that all Indians are my brothers and sisters…So I would like to tell you guys and gals that many (in numbers lakhs) are not having these primary facilities available to them.

What I write and what you read can’t make any difference.But What You Do? that can surely make a difference.Be that change.Be willing to pluck out your eyes from that screen and be ready to do something for our siblings.

                                    “Come to Learn, Return to Serve”

If you wish to make a meaning for the years you’ve spent in school, come on everybody India can achieve it.

#IAmNotDown | Let’s Break Menstrual Hygiene Taboos

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