Sickness of fair skin & colar raising status to have pretty woman next to Indian Man

Posted by Swati Poddar
April 9, 2017

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I used to hear about Indian man are obsessed about fair skin & pretty feature in girls but rest everything is adjustable yet with time criteria got add on of IT/MBA professionals (Considered as modern & presentable). Any job be there but IT Professional is most lucrative even if she is a snob. Every college or office generally promotes a sanorita who brings the sunshine on every guy’s face whenever she passes by. Most of the Indian man wants wife as a Supermodel to walk besides him, Aishwrya to show case to family/Relatives, Sunny Leon on bed, educated but not ambitious obviously where the hell man will compensate his ego, Kanta Bai to serve in home & one sided Laila to be blind in his love. If all these get fulfilled in a single woman, he will be happy never the less bothering about where the hell what standards does he have? But yes all of Indian guys fantasize it at least once in life. Still above all fair skin & pretty face kick out all other points far behind.

I personally got real example when my brother got married but arranged one. Girl is not fair but better version of wheatish skin yet IT Professional and nice girl matched in family. Initially before marriage even he was clucking on her color & looks and few months later on post marriage when he made whole world drama saying “wo kali hai” hence proved myth of my mind. He is into IT Administration job in Abu Dhabi with average college engineering degree but his expectations either will make you laugh or frustrated on him. Supermodel + Aishwarya + Bitch + Sanskari + Kanta Bai and the most ridiculous She must follow all his words & orders as he commands her but he is not going to listen to her. He wants all control in his hands with his own norms. It’s bloody jaw opener.

Cultural barrier of Indian macho society where men were superior & women were suppressed wants India as developed as US & Europe where women are almost equal in every walk of life but wants still Indian women to be controlled & commanded by them. Such type of Made-in-India man can dream & fantasize to have Tesla Brand but will die with Maruti 800 better version only.

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