Singaporeans Love To Complain – Backed By Data

Posted by Jeremy Chew
April 5, 2017

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Complain, complain, complain. Sometimes valuable and at other times, when done unconstructively and at a wrong timing can be among the most annoying thing a person can hear.

Meanwhile the small island of Singapore, known for its efficient government, anti-chewing gum law and sometimes a dull concrete city is famous as the ‘Monaco’ of Asia. But among the most popular things about the country is for its citizens who love to complain. You have to remember, that Singapore ranked No.2 in the recent Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) survey which ranked the most efficient and safe countries in the world.

Complain about what? Almost anything. It can be about their public transportation, government, and many others. Hence, companies in the city-state are required to deal with all sorts of complaints, weaving out the non-constructive ones and taking important consideration for the constructive ones.

Two companies, Trusted Company (a startup who collates reviews by consumers) and iPrice Group (a meta-search engine) paired up to find out how exactly do Singaporeans complain, what we (especially businesses in e-commerce) can learn from it and how different do they complain as compared to others within Southeast Asia.

Here are their findings:

Image credit: iPrice Group & Trusted Company

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