Snapping Back For India

Posted by Rhea Rhea
April 16, 2017


So, I read yesterday that the CEO of our ‘favourite’ app, Snapchat,  called India,  “too poor”  a country for the app to expand.  Well well, it’s time we talk about this serious misconception that people have of India.
I’ve lived in 3 different countries apart from India to know enough that India is considered a ‘poor’  and ‘backward’  country by the people living in these countries. It isn’t the first time such an incident has sparked fury. A certain cartoon was made to mock India’s space technology and that same cartoon was trolled when ISRO showed what India can do.
Let’s come  to the ‘poor’  bit. I wish the ignoramuses would educate themselves a  little before making such loose statements on such a huge platform. We are a country with the second largest population in the world. Our population is 17.86% of the world’s population. I’m sure your app does not even have the number of downloads that are any close to the number of people in India. Yes,  we may have a lot of rural and uneducated populace which is poverty stricken. But,  we are improving.. growing.. developing and we will be  ‘visibly’  great like we used to be before colonisation. If our entire urban population chooses to uninstall  the app, the company would see new lows. But hey!  Aren’t we seeing the boycott and how the ratings have dipped already?
If we put together the wealth of the entire population, right from those who live in the slums and sweat out their lives to make ends meet to the richest people in India who are also a part of the richest people in the world list, we can buy many apps like yours or even better, develop them on our own because India has a growing IT industry. If we keep our talent at home, the world wouldn’t have had a Sundar Pichai,  a Kalpana Chawla or even a Vivekananda. We believe in the concept of sharing and growing together, of spreading knowledge and nurturing values. These are only some of the intangible treasures of our values that we have as a country.
Speaking of tangible assets, our land is full of cultural and heritage monuments that are known world-wide. What do you think if we try and sell that splendid, white marble beauty which is famous as the monument of Love,  what price would that one monument, alone,  fetch us? I guess,  I didn’t even need to name for anybody to know what I’m talking about. Similarly, we have the Char Minar,  the Golconda Fort, the Red Fort, the Amer Fort, the Qutub Minar and so many more. The Mughals and the Rajputs have given this country a lot of heritage to cherish. It shows how much art and culture is revered in our country and yet, we have the heart and the stomach to appreciate your ‘amazing’ filters that turn us into dogs and clowns.
That reminds me of India’s cultural and religious diversity. We have people from various religions living under the umbrella name of India. Due to diverse religions,  we have various festivals which makes India, a country rich in traditions and happiness. From Hinduism, Islam and Christianity to Buddhism, Jainism,  Sikhism, Zoroastrianism,  we have it all. Such multiplicity, I’m sure, you do not have even in your food. Oh and if I start about food, I guess, nobody would read this post then because is the list is too damn rich for CEOs of ‘poor’  apps.
We have around 22 national languages but, our mother tongues amount to 1652 in the country. Our entire geography, culture,  food.. Just about everything changes every 500 kms. And yet, in our hearts,  we have all the love and respect for this land, our mother.
I’m not the biggest patriot you’ll meet. In fact, I’m not even a patriot compared to those who live and die their entire lives for this country and it’s people.
We may have our own issues and conflicts, but,  doesn’t every family have it. We have a saying in India,  ‘ekta mein hi bal’. It means that there is strength only in unity. We aren’t a country, we are a family. Now I’m sure we all fight with our brothers and when the family needs us, we stand together. We are the richest family you’ll ever come across, and we take pride in our family called India.
I’m glad he made such a  statement because it’s brought out our patriotism and unity. It shows that despite westernisation growing by leaps and bounds, our love for the country is alive and kicking.
Jai Hind!
PS: Mr CEO is a 26 year old individual of one of the most forward countries and yet, he lacks knowledge. I feel, he shouldn’t lose his followers for something as easy as reading up and acquiring some knowledge before making such ludicrous statements.

Jai Mahakaal❤️

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