Social Media- Virtually Fulfilling Ego And An Escape From The Real We.

Posted by rakesh rai
April 16, 2017

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No doubt that the social media has changed the complete scenario of information sharing ,communication and connectivity among masses. But over a last few years it has been felt that people are taking it too seriously than they should. Number of likes on our posts and pictures affect our mood to to a large extent. Studies indicate that people spend so many hours to searching pictures or post which may get them most number of likes.  Many of my Facebook friends inbox me personally to like their recent post. We relate our ego, sentiments and a sense of superiority with our posts. Whether we check in into a hotel, watching movie, eating something, listening something or anything, we want people to know first how cool we are and how much we are enjoying life. Are we? Well not so. Going to a place for 2 hours and clicking 300 pictures I wonder when you got time to to live those moments. In physical world  we are meeting people but attention is always on the beep of the phone. Checking notification after every minute for no reason taking a lot of time and attention which is slowly killing the creative part of our mind.  It is a well accepted fact that it has reduced interaction among people to the lowest ever. Psychiatrist all around the world already declared it a serious threat for the mental status of people. Time spend in so called virtual world is more than the time spend in the real world. for lot of people it has become a gate to escape from their real life issues. We need to understand that it’s nowhere going to solve out our real life problem. Virtual world must not affect the real world.

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