Someone Said Something…

Posted by Fatima Khan
April 19, 2017

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Nowadays it has become a trend of sorts, everyone has to say something. But you must be wondering, what’s new in that? Everyone said something before also. The thing that is new in this is, before it rarely mattered if anyone had an opinion different from ours. We went on with our lives knowing that someone said something. If it mattered we tried to change, if not it didn’t matter. But now the times have changed. Everyday the news bulletins are filled with quotes of irrelevant people all the time. I say irrelevant because their opinion does not hold any importance. And we are doing our best to defend our alter ego.

A report of some CEO of a social networking app calling India poor sparks such an outrage that we forget the deaths caused by hunger, we forget the farmers protesting nude in the capital of India, we forget the kids begging for money on every traffic signal, we forget everything and set on to trashing that person and the people near and dear to him; based on someone else saying that the CEO said that.

My point is. As there was a saying in Hindi- “kaane ko kaana bolo chidh jayega” meaning calling a cripple cripple brings a reaction. That insecurity that we are actually poor is causing us to be all defensive and attacking at the same time.

Same in the case of the tweets by semi-famous people. Be it of forced religiousness, be it of bhakts, be it of journalists, be it ministers or sportspeople. All hold some or other comment inducing hatred against a specific section of the society. And just because they have a platform and some follwers they manage to fill their pockets with money and the minds of people with hatred.. And we as bystanders do not bother to look into our own homes as to what is wrong in the country, what is wrong in the society, what is wrong in the traditions and most importantly what is wrong with us. We join this logic less mob of people hiding behind their computer screens or their phone screens with modems and SIMs full of internet and minds full of hatred.

Instead why don’t we read a tweet or see a video or read a report; feel offended; reflect on ourselves; change what seems to be wrong; without being bitter or whiny; with maturity and understanding. Hence by our actions; by the change we bring in ourselves and our surroundings; we manage to change the opinion of the person who said something negative about us or our country or our community in the first place.

If we start doing this, it will not matter if someone said something. What will matter would be taken care of by no one but ourselves. Without being bitter. Without harboring hatred or negativity against that someone or other some ones.

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