Sonu, Forced Religiousness And Maulvi

Posted by Mohammad Asif
April 30, 2017

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Few days ago Sonu Nigam tweeted something about azaan and other religions as per him (but I don’t think so).



After first two tweets he realised he made a mistake. So he moulded things and took other religions into consideration.

He used the word “GUNDAGARDI” especially for azaan because he was woken up by it and then he twisted it.

Moreover if you analyze his first Tweet he says “I am not a muslim and yet woken up by Azaan” meaning “I am disturbed by a religion that I don’t follow” This is obvious insult to Islam but the media took his side. Moreover he tweeted ” I do not believe in any mandir or gurdwara using electricity to wake up people who don’t follow the religion” In context to his first tweet this tweet means” Mandir and Gurdwara should not wake up ppl who don’t follow (THEIR) religion”.Otherwise the two tweets will contradict each other.. 


The following is forced religiousness 

1.When Suryanamaskar is made compulsory. We can’t bow to creation . 

2.When a Muslim is forced to say “Vande Matram” 

 it is Durga, Laxmi, mother and God at same time. Islam doesn’t believe in incarnation and association partners with creator . Please check! 

See translation

See clip by Great Hindu Scholar Shankracharya

It means ” hum Vandana krte h. 

3. “Bharat Mata” has been depicted as Goddess

Any one of above three is enough to Take a Muslim Out Of Islam .Why no one raised voice against it? Tab kaha gayi thi forced religiousness? Rather muslims were called hypocrites. Why ?

This is forced religiousness

 (watch Video)  

Why then media didn’t raised voice? 

3..Where is our Constitution? Secularism? 

4. If I force my Hindu friends to pray namaz how will they feel? then why force Muslims ?

 Sonu had option to change his house but we don’t have. 

We proudly say hindustan zindabad but why is govt. forcing us. Is this not GUNDAGARDI?

 I don’t like Nigam’s songs but I hear his songs at Cafe. Why I have been forced? 

As for noise pollution  

the music  a person don’t like is noise pollution for him..

So ban every singer  due to his critics. 

  concerts are being run even at midnight which violates  court laws. 


Is this India or Hindustan?

Sunday-Ram mandir

Monday – bharat Mata ki jai

Tuesday – vande matram

 Wednesday – Surya namaskar

Thursday – triple talaq


Fir halala p b bolenge

Aur Sunday ko beef ban (it should be banned though).

Fir Monday s wo hi sab. 


  it’s like “foot dalo shashan karo” implemented by Britishers? Is this freedom? Is India a democratic country? 

 I ask filthy maulvis to Stop Giving fatwa. You have No Right To  disgrace  Islam and humanity! 

Islam sbka tha, Hai aur rahega.

 Throw all maulvis out of the country who disgrace their own religion.They are worse than atheists.  

Conclusion :

Ban loud speakers in 

 Religious places, Music industry, political rallies 

if you have guts. 

Sonu I travel by bus but I woke up  each night by sounds of trains which is way louder than azaan. Ban the trains.  You might say daily millions of people travel by train. But you fail to realize that daily billions of muslims wake up by azaan. You ask me to change house then you can use the same option. 


. Finally change your tone. 

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

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