Sports..for A Better You

Posted by Ina Thakral
April 17, 2017

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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy” – Maria Edgeworth.

The essence of sports is to be valued in the life of each individual whether a student, an adult or a professional. In the United States, it is mandatory for students to participate in sports alongside the education provided in classroom. In India, however, sports is not a mandatory inclusion in the education curricula. Though involvement in sports has an added advantage to students for admission in various colleges. The growth of a child includes mental, physical and spiritual advancement. Sports considers all-round development. It provides the necessary energy and vigor for excellence in all walks of life.

                     A kid, as young as 5 years, feels joyful and energized on the children playground. For a school student, there is a different joy in celebration of the annual sports event. Children actively participate in various sport activities. However, with the passage of years their involvement reduces. It is often limited to becoming a book-worm and gauging their growth on the basis of score-cards in boards, various competitive examinations etc. This doesn’t ensure the actual nurturing of a student’s life. Sports prepare a student to face the challenges in their life with confidence.  Involvement in sports has health benefits, allow students to form and strengthen affective relationships, teach youth to value self-improvement over winning, how to be competitive in a competitive society, and to work culturally with different peers and authorities. In a classroom, high school student-athletes are far less likely to drop out of school and 15% more likely to attend college.

Various studies across the world have linked the non-involvement in sports activities to obesity in adults. An individual can involve in different kinds of sports activities – outdoor games like football, basketball, badminton etc. Yoga is yet another sport activity apt for all age group of people. The various added advantages of being active in sports activities include greater willpower, improved concentration, focused approach, team building capabilities, good decision making ability etc. What distinguishes sportsmen from an ordinary individual is their high levels of energy and increased will power. It comes from rigorous practice and a disciplined routine targeted towards self-improvement and excellence. Sports is now getting wide acceptance and recognition through various sponsorships and government initiatives. It is the responsibility of an individual and organizations to leverage the available opportunity and promote participation in sports activities at regional, national and world wide level. In addition to the sponsorships, common youth is very much aware and participative in the fan-fare ship of sports particularly cricket, football, hockey etc. This indicates an individual’s keen interest and awareness of sports.

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