Posted by Bhumi Raj Sinh
April 12, 2017

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I am your life and my survival is in your hand,

You are depressed, you are worried, And no one understands you,

But give me one chance and let us get the solution of it together.


Bhumi Raj Sinh.

The sentences that I wrote above is what today’s generation should do instead of ending thier life. Is the life so cheap? does it have no value at all?can’t we give it another chance??

I am a girl, I lost my father 6 months back, i lost my job and currently I am jobless, I am facing financial crises, I have a complicated relation wid my bf, my mom and my sister. I am nothing but useless currently, who, is writing a story here just because if this could motivate people in depression or who are fighting depression.

After so many problems,what solution do I have? Should I end my life? Should i jump from my building terrace or cut my wrist? No! I will survive. I will fight back. I will find a solution. I am worth knowing this beautiful thing called LIFE and a beautiful place called HOME, where my mom waits for me, my sister waits fr me. I need to survive WITH them FOR them. I am not a loser, and if not today not tomorrow but atleast someday I will win, WIN over my anxiety, my depression, my problems and my thoughts. And, that day I will be more stronger, braver and experienced then what I am today.

I think every person suffering from depression should follow this. I know its difficult and I understand i can never know how it feels being at your place but please feel free to talk to me if needed.

I am a common citizen of India, but, if you think you can’t do it alone then jus comment on this post or you can drop down a message to me and I will help you with the best I can do for you.

Being depressed is not a disease feel free and contact me if you need. A suggestion. I dont know you but I know a demon called DEPRESSION…. And I’ll try my best to help you overcome it. Please, dont suicide.

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