Surge Out Of Depression

Posted by Abdul Basit Kudalkar
April 4, 2017

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Living is not easy.You have to face hardships, challenges and obstacles in life.But it is not everyone’s cup of tea to solve and overcome them.Mostly people get stressed and want to end up their life.The reasons can be many.The depressed person can be a student, a person who is bullied at the workplace, a woman or any other.Rarely any case comes up and most of them are ignored until serious consequences of it are not witnessed later.
Because of depression, a person tends to lose interest in work and tries to isolate from the world as for him/her no one is understandable.Every teenager might have gone through this stage.I too went through it but I coped and rose from the situation because it is the reality of life.You cannot solve your problems by ending your life.It will just worry and disapoint your parents and friends.
The main reason of depression among teenagers seems to be their misunderstanding with the parents.Both try to be firm on their ideologies without coping and working on a solution.The peer pressure, exam pressure and burden of studies fuel their depression level.On the other hand, for adults the causes of depression can be love, infidelity, unemployment, hunger or improper treatment by the society.
Whatever be the cause of depression and whoever is depressed it is necessary to address this issue as quickly as possible because no country wants to lose its population in the hands of depression and suicide.So a strategy must be adopted to deal with depression.First of all, depressed must be made free to approach their problems to others.Society must realise the gravity of the issue and stop ridiculing such people.Parents must be frank with their children and understand them.They must take care of their health and nutrition and children must be encouraged to exchange their ideas with them.Psychiatrists, therapists and counsellors must be consulted without considering social taboos.More about depression must be learnt to eradicate the myths surrounding it and come for the rescue of depressed.
Everyone has right to live and we are not born to end up our life due to stress.Even the great men felt stressed or depressed in some or the other part of their life but they dealt with the situation and carried on.Nothing is too big in life that can not be handled.Remember that impossible is a word to be found in the dictionary of fools.
Therefore be bold in dealing with life, realise the severity of the topic and help others also in getting out of depression.

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