Talking About Mental Illness

Posted by Arunima Gururani in #LetsTalk
April 15, 2017


When have we ever taken the time to think how somebody else’s life is really like? We look at their social media and often believe that it’s probably the life they’re leading. But behind those virtual windows, there are things they don’t talk about, things we don’t talk about.

Isn’t this why we lose so many lives too soon? Isn’t this why we kill ourselves? Because we don’t care enough about each other. Life is too fast, we say. There’s never time to say things and then, we grow apart to maybe fall apart. All of us fall apart, but some of us shatter in cruel ways till we crumble and give up.

What are we doing to stop this?

Not much and clearly not enough to save lives that we lose. We’re too afraid to talk about the possibility that someone may consider ending themselves instead of giving life another shot.

I recently binge watched the currently trending Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why, which is based on the book of the same name (that’s definitely on my to-read list now). I realized after watching it how important books and shows like these are. They tell a story and through that painful story, there’s a message. A message that shows us that we all need help, help in being better people. Also, we need to talk about it.

Depression is real and it’s stupid to assume that weak people commit suicide. It’s not stupid, it’s insensitive. Depression is a deep black hole. You keep looking for the light and then you’re empty, you don’t care about the light, you don’t care about anything at all. And, then you want to end it. Suicide isn’t a game, it’s a point somebody reaches when they’re in too deep.

We can’t let people get to that point. It’s important to address mental illness as a real issue. More than that, it’s important to be nice. It’s important to stop bullying of any kind and it’s absolutely essential to create a space where we can talk, but more necessarily, listen.

That show is fiction. But fiction mirrors real life and we know it. Maybe there should be more research on this kind of media even though many top researchers may feel that a young adult genre is not worthy of being included. And, isn’t that a way many young adults are treated? So many young people are bullied, intentionally or unintentionally. So many of them end their lives.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that those little mean things that slip out of our tongues sometimes don’t matter. However, they do and they’re not “little” mean things. We don’t know what’s going on in somebody’s life and maybe it’s time we all need some reconditioning to be more sensitive.

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