Ten things our parents lied while growing up

Posted by shahamat Hussain
April 5, 2017


We learn things from our parents first. We are grown up by the values and ideas which our family inculcates. Though parents try to put the best of values in their children, there are a lot of ideas which do not imply with the present century. Here are the things which our parents told but after an experience, we realise they do not hold true any longer.

Respect elders: It is certainly a good habit to respect elders. We must follow but parents should also define the boundaries of it. You can’t respect a person just because he/she is elder to you. Respect is earned and not forced. It should be mutual. Just because somebody is elder than you, they can’t disrespect your ideas or you.

People who drink are bad people: We follow the practices of our friends. But simply judging them on the basis of what they drink is bad. After only experiences, while growing up, we realise that they are not bad people. They all are normal like us. They are well behaved even after drinking and at times better than the non-alcoholic people.

Girls who wear short clothes are bad girls: This is the most judgmental thought middle-class families put while parenting. The character of the girls is not measured by the inches of her heals or visibility of her cleavages. Rather, it is measured upon what type of a woman she is.

Forcing religion: You are a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian because you are born in that family. Giving knowledge to children about the religion is good but forcing them to have a belief is not cool. They should be allowed to think, question and apply logic to their religion rather than believing it just because they are born in that family.

Rights over virginity: An individual is responsible for her/his body. Of course, moral lessons make you a better person but a man and a woman have all the rights to have sex after a certain age of maturity. It does not require parents’ permission or label to permit them for sex. It’s a personal business and should be treated the same way.

Speaking about the period is a bad habit: Period is something natural and part of a women’s body cycle. It should not be treated as a taboo or seen as a heinous crime. From an early age, girl and boy should be taught to treat the period as something normal.

Body and colour obsession: Body shaming has become a trend now. It is the worst habit we all grow up with. It should be dusted along with the obsession over fair complexion. A person should never be judged on his body and the complexion he/she carries. We need to delete all those textbooks which define the beauty as ‘fair complexion’.

Sex education: Sex is another taboo we do not talk to the families. It is a reason why we all are born. The idea of sex is hyped and given a different side and that is the reason why because rape and child abuse cases are rising in the society. We should educate our families on sex and right and the wrong touches.

Being a good human rather being a good son or daughter: The idea of humanity is less talked. A lot of comparisons are made with the Sharma or Khan Uncle’s son or daughter. We should never ever entertain that. Humanity is the lesson we should follow for a good nation to build up. Parents should stop being mean and larger their thoughts.

LGBT rights: The new generation has witnessed a good support for the LGBT community. It is getting normal somehow. But, in spite of that, all the hell broke loose when your own daughter or son chooses a different orientation. It must be normalised within the families and taught along with the sex education.

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