Terrorism or Tourism?

Posted by Durba Mitra
April 4, 2017

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So this is where we stand. “Terrorism or tourism?”

I hear them shout FREEDOM! We are world’s largest democray and we are too afraid to voice our thoughts, too afraid to let our citizens choose, too afraid to ask them what they want. So instead we are going to do what we do best…be indian parents and decide for our children. No going out after I tell you not to. No talking back. Put your teeth in!! Am i joking here?! No you can not eat beef. No you cannot have a seperate room!! You are sleeping with us and I dont care if you are 30!! Oh! You want freedom? Basic rights? Right to choose? Fine! Potato or sweet potato? Black or jet black? Good or nice? Tourism or terrorism? Vegeterian or vegan? Go ahead we are very open minded parents.

You say the kashmiri mother’s loss was yours too? What if I told you it was your bullet that bleed her son to death? What if I told you it was your clouded judgement that blinded so many? What if i told you i did not choose terrorism….you did. I cannot hear my azans because your gunfires are much louder. I choose to live not survive…I choose beauty not blood….I don’t choose tourism or terrorism….I choose voices of love and of humanity.

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